A third of Slough’s burglaries caused by insecure windows and doors

Police are urging residents to give careful consideration to their home security as over a third of all recent burglaries in Slough have been due to insecure windows and doors.


Message sent by Una McBreen (Police, Corporate Comms, Thames Valley Police)

Since 1 June 2014, there have been 63 burglaries in Slough of which 22 have been as a direct result of insecure windows and doors.

Sgt Chris Softley, from local CID in Slough and responsible for investigating burglaries, said:

“Thames Valley Police works hard to reduce burglary offences year on year and I am pleased to report that Slough currently has fewer burglaries when compared to the same period last year. However, these offences can be driven down even further with the help of local residents.

“With the weather certainly on our side at present, it is all too tempting to become complacent when it comes to our home security. Therefore it is important that householders take relevant measures to reduce the risk of being burgled by making sure their windows and doors are secure.

“The most common cases of opportunist summer burglaries involve offenders either entering via an insure front door while residents are in their back garden; entering doors that are closed but unlocked at night while residents are asleep; and reaching through windows to take valuable items.”

By following this simple crime prevention advice, residents can reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime:

  • Ensure that windows and doors are closed and locked when you are out. Don’t leave small windows open believing them to be safe.
  • If you want to leave windows open while you sleep, fit window restrictors so they cannot be fully opened, or make sure they are not large enough to allow access to a burglar.
  • Make your home look lived in – use timer switches or leave your television on when you’re not home.
  • Always remember to switch on your burglar alarm if you have one.
  • When out in your garden, ensure that windows and doors to the front of the house are secure. It only takes a second for someone to get into your home and take things without you noticing.
  • Do not leave valuables on display in front of windows or in reach of open windows or doors.
  • Ensure that all barbecue and garden equipment and tools are securely locked up in a shed and out of sight. Tools can be used by the potential offender to break in to your home.
  • Consider fitting outside security lighting or a visible alarm to help deter burglars. Even using pea shingle or gravel on a driveway and spiky plants in garden beds can help.
  • Don’t leave any keys near entry points where they can be ‘fished’ or ‘hooked’ out through the window, letter box or cat flap.
  • Ensure any internal handle operated locks on UPVC doors are fully secured with a key.
  • If you are going away for an extended summer break, try to make your home look occupied – cancel milk and newspaper deliveries, get a friend or neighbour to collect your post and draw your curtains and use timer switches as previously mentioned.
  • Register your property on www.immobilise.com so that it is stolen and recovered by the police it can be returned to you.
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