Orlitts Lake, Colnbrook

Orlitts Lake, Colnbrook

Welcome to Colnbrook Views, a site run by Colnbrook residents for Colnbrook residents. It is hosted for free and is not-for-profit.

The primary aims of the site are to:

  • Provide a forum to publicise the activity of Colnbrook’s many community groups
  • Celebrate what’s good about Colnbrook, Poyle and the Westfield Estate
  • Make up for the lamentable lack of focus on village matters in our “local” press
  • Solicit views and strengthen community discussion on the big issues facing the village

The site is only as good as the contributions that are received, so don’t criticise a lack of content if you haven’t submitted anything yet yourself (after that, knock yourself out!). We want to hear about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING going on in Colnbrook, Poyle, Brands Hill and the neighbouring villages. No matter how trivial, we want to hear about it!


Moderator: Andy McIlwaine, (01753) 290040

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  1. keith ronald james 72 sl38ux
    keith ronald james 72 sl38ux 9 November, 2014 at 10:14 pm ·

    Westfield estate they setting fire to garages in and a round tweed road and *** do not want to gate them but the garages that run a long the m4 that may be in the way of baa,s HGV road,,s and a road in to tanghouse pit that they try,ed to get in 1987 I agreed to let them put the fence in and now *** is say ing it give her the right to pull down the garages I am the only one that ,s say ,ing I have a build er to go a head with fix ing the garage but she say es no matter how safe it is she will say its not safe and I will now have to pay big cost to keep it clean I was told by a BAA rep at st Tomas that they own all the houses so it,s them that are not clean ing it and I have been clean ing it for years free BAA SHOULD PAY ME FOR DO ING THEY,,CLEAN ING so if you own a garage on the westfield estate then get ready for a big bill to clean it from slough council *** because I think she is going to say give them to slough council or face big bill,s we should fight this as I think she do not have the right to tell us to clean the houses or garages when BAA owns house that are all ways untidy and they agents dump rubbish all over the place all so they ,s 10 people to a house in the Westfield estate all along the m4 in seven creasant I BELIVE SOME ARE SLEEPING IN SHEAD,,ES AND sun houses fancy a big company like BAA owning slum tenement dwellings I believe they,s up to ten to a four bedroom ed house THE GOVERMEANT SHOULD NICK BAA FOR DOING THIS

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