Adam Afriyie to address anti-Heathrow event in Colnbrook tomorrow!

Adam Afriyie will be in Colnbrook tomorrow lunchtime to address anti Heathrow expansion campaigners.

Adam Afriyie at the anti-Third Runway rally in London on October 10.

Adam Afriyie at the anti-Third Runway rally in London on October 10.

Adam Afriyie, Colnbrook’s MP, will be visiting the village tomorrow as part of an event promoted by protest group Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE).

SHE has joined with other No Third Runway groups to sponsor a ‘protest advan’ which will spend three days travelling through areas that would be impacted by Heathrow expansion to spread its message.  With enormous No Third Runway messages on each side the advan is driving along the proposed route of new flightpaths.

SHE says the event is an opportunity to find out “the truth” about Heathrow’s proposals ahead of the imminent Government announcement on expansion.

The Government is about to make an announcement that could change the lives of thousands of people. Don’t sit back and do nothing – stand up for yourself!

A third runway would see Longford village wiped off the map and large parts of Harmondsworth and Sipson destroyed to make way for a the new runway.  A large part of the new runway, taxiways, and enlarged airport would be built in Colnbrook, while the parish would also cede further Green Belt land outside Heathrow’s new boundary to accommodate a diverted Colnbrook By-pass – which will see homes and businesses displaced.

While SHE says the runway could see the loss of up to 3,750 homes it warns the impact will be immense:

“People in areas such as Colnbrook, Harlington, Cranford and West Drayton would suffer more noise, more pollution, more traffic, more misery”.

Starting its journey in Hammersmith the advan will be met by supporters of SHE when it arrives in Harmondsworth village tomorrow lunchtime.  Supporters are being encouraged to gather at Harmondsworth Village Green for 12:30pm.

It will then move on to Colnbrook (via Longford Village) for 2.30pm where it will be met by Mr Afriyie.

Yesterday Mr Afriyie welcomed the findings of the Environmental Audit Committee, calling it “yet another nail in the coffin for the case for Heathrow expansion”.

The parliamentary committee’s report raised serious concerns about the ability of Heathrow to stick to legally binding emissions and air quality targets, concluding that a third runway should not be built at Heathrow until the Government could demonstrate how it could fit into the UK’s environmental targets and obligations.

“A third runway at Heathrow goes against the growing body of scientific evidence that Gatwick is the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option for a new runway if we do not have the foresight to build an offshore airport”.

Mr Afriyie said the expansion proposal would affect 68 times more people than Gatwick, and warned the Government of legal action if it approved a new runway.

Stop Heathrow Expansion says if you have earplugs, you might need them on Friday!


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Adam Afriyie to address anti-Heathrow event in Colnbrook tomorrow!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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