Air pollution alert for Colnbrook issued for next three days

airText has issued a pollution alert for Colnbrook and much of Greater London for the next three days.

airTexts forecast for Sunday, 4 October

airText‘s forecast for Sunday, 4 October

Another pollution alert has been issued by airText, the organisation which forecasts air quality across Greater London and Slough.

The alert, issued last night, covers today, tomorrow and Monday with pollution set to increase from a ‘4’ on the DAQI scale to a ‘5’ on Sunday.

airText’s latest Health Bulletins for Slough are available here.

Although airText is partially funded by defra it uses an alternative air pollution forecasting and alert system provided by CERC.  The system examines 30,000 pollution sources and its forecast is based on the DAQI corresponding to the pollutant which gives the highest value from NO2, PM10, PM2.5 or O3.   It has proven to be far more accurate than defra’s own system during recent incidents such as the Saharan dust cloud last year and the two major air quality incidents in March and April of this year.

A ‘moderate’ pollution alert will generally cause no problems for healthy adults.  But adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, should consider reducingstrenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors.

Unratified figures on the Slough air quality monitoring portal today show that particulates and nitrogen dioxide are currently being reported at twice normal levels at monitoring stations in the parish.

The alert comes just three days after Heathrow changed tack on air quality, claiming that the airport has “been consistently within the limit for the last 8 years or more“. The airport has distanced itself from road related pollution and anything beyond 1km of its perimeter fence.

But with limits apparently being confused with targets, yesterday’s pollution alert was the NINTH issued for Colnbrook so far this year – a situation which few would argue is acceptable:

Date Issued Alert Level
Sun 15 March MODERATE
Mon 26 March HIGH
Tue 7 April MODERATE
Wed 8 April HIGH
Thu 9 April MODERATE
Wed 10 June MODERATE
Tue 30 June HIGH
Fri 21 August MODERATE
Fri 2 October MODERATE

At ‘high’ levels of pollution even healthy adults may experience adverse affects when outdoors, such as as sore eyes, cough or sore throat.


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