“Airline crew use Colnbrook as a staff car park”

With reference to the recent online discussion on these pages about parking issues in the village, Leslie Jarrett has today mailed the following observations:

The three cars in the picture are all airline crew owned and all vehicles have been there for over 24 hrs without return.   One has been there for over a week.  Since there is a bus stop opposite the two cars then it makes the road very narrow for service vehicles such as SBC refuse collection and other delivery vehicles.

car parking

This all because of the existence of Arora Hotel being a crew hotel and having a free crew bus to the airport. One of the car owners said she regularly uses the roads of Colnbrook as it is more convenient that going to British Airways staff car park. However since where they park is outside of no access area then it may be the case that twice a week they flout the law.

The airport has a car park that they could use. Last year the road was a car park for hire vehicle company based in the Hotel.

Nothing gets done because Mr Arora donates money to the village from time to time and got his large hotel when original plans were for two storey hotel.  Enough said we need more yellow lines and parking permits in the area to stop the staff car park and the park on my drive people so that the roads are what they are intended for to go along and not use as a car park

What do YOU think? Are more double-yellow lines throughout Colnbrook and Poyle needed or should the Parish Council cough up another £30,000 from the precept and sponsor its own traffic wardens? Should lazy cabin crew be told to sling their hook or should Mr Arora and British Airways be told to clean up their act and show some consideration?

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