As the mercury soars, pollution alerts issued for Sunday and Monday

Colnbrook’s weather apparently hit a high of 23° today, although at times it definitely felt warmer. But the warmest day of the year so far came with bad news too: the inevitable air pollution alert, with another due for tomorrow.


AirText has issued alerts for ‘Moderate’ air pollution for tomorrow (8th May) and Monday.  They follow the alert issued last night for today.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (defra) has also forecast widespread Moderate levels of pollution for most of the country with pockets of High levels of air pollution locally possible.

As seems to be the norm during high pollution times several of Colnbrook’s online pollution monitoring stations stopped monitoring as levels increased throughout the day.

slough monitoring stations 07-05-2016

As at 9pm this evening the two monitoring stations at Pippins School last reported at 8am and midday, while one of the three at Colnbrook Lakeside has reported no data all day.

The highest reported level of pollution were at 1am for NO2 (103 µg/m3) and 7am for PM10 particulates (63.4 µg/m3), both at Pippins.  Safe levels for both are defined at less than 40 µg/m3 averaged over a 24 hour period.

Tomorrow temperature in Colnbrook, as with other parts of the South East, is predicted to reach 24° by midday and could hit 26° by 3pm.



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