Bus from yesteryear relieves the morning commute!

An old “RT” bus aged over 60 years visited Poyle yesterday morning, running the 305 Route from Poyle to Staines.

Update 5/11/2012: please see the Comments beneath the article for a clarification provided by Simon Douglas Lane, Vicar of Wraysbury and Horton, and also the owner of RT3491 since September 1973.

In immaculate condition, this bus – from 1952 but repainted Country Area green in 1973 – did not seem to take on any passengers. Although at that time of day nobody in Poyle seems to use he 305 anyway. The normal 305 was behind it, but maybe its newer cousin had broken down! It last saw “active service” in May 2011.

We are grateful to Leslie Jarrett for sharing these beautiful photographs. Click on an image to enlarge and, if you want to learn more of the long history of this bus, Cllr Jarrett has provided that too!

… and it’s fascinating history:

The RT was London’s standard post-war double-decker between 1939 and 1979, replacing nearly all other types and with about 7000 at their peak.

On retirement from London Transport many of these workhorses were sold to independent bus operators in the UK and all over the world – their longevity becoming ambassadors for British workmanship. Some found fame in other quarters: many will remember the RT that featured in the James Bond film: a memorable chase scene in the West Indies and a de-roofing on a low bridge ended with a drive onto a rickety jetty. Others will remember another famous film appearance, as the co-star with Cliff Richard in “Summer Holiday”.

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RT3491 LYR 910

3/52 new, Weymann body 7328: 3RT8
4/52 AH into service (Nunhead)
6/56 used on 137, RT8
57-8 GM (Victoria)
8/59 SW transfer into store (Stockwell)..
8/59 BK ..change store, then out (Barking)
11/59 BK to Aldenham overhaul
11/59 AB from o/h (Twickenham)
60-3 AB
1/64 AB to Aldenham overhaul
1/64 E from o/h (Enfield)
65-7 E
8/68 E to Aldenham overhaul
8/68 J from o/h (Holloway), Park Royal body 6365, 3RT8..
8/69 WL ..transfer (Walworth)
70-72 WL
7/73 WL into store, CoF expiry
8/73 SE change store (Stonebridge Park)
8/73 sold to E.Brakell (Cheam)
repainted Country Area green
*/75 at Showbus 75
*/88 at Woking 150
Greene-Lane, Sunbury, Surrey
10/97 in service on Cobham RF running day
6/99 in service at RT60
4/00 active on East Grinstead Running Day
4/01 active on East Grinstead Running Day (708)
9/01 active on Dorking Running Day
4/02 active on East Grinstead Running Day (409, 708)
4/03 active on East Grinstead Running Day (424, 708)
12/05 on RTRFRegister Christmas Lights Tour
5/06 active on Slough & Windsor Running Day (441)
4/07 active on Cobham Museum Open Day, Chobham
4/07 active on Carshalton Running Day (408)
2008 working preservation: Greene Lane Travel, Green Line livery
8/08 active on Worcester Park Running Day (725)
10/08 active on Cobham Green Day (432A)
4/10 active at Cobham Gathering (477, 499)
7/10 in service on GreenLine 80 Day (715)
5/11 active at Slough & Windsor Running Day (441)

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