CEMEX to send 240 trucks A DAY through Brands Hill to mitigate impact of quarry on Richings Park residents!

CEMEX has confirmed its intention to seek a routing agreement for its proposed quarry on the former Langley Airfield site.  It says approximately 240 HGV movements a day would be routed through the Brands Hill AQMA for most of the 8 year project.

horton quarry

Kingsmead Quarry, near Horton, where Early Neolithic remains were discovered in 2013

CEMEX has launched its consultation website for its proposed quarry on part of the former Langley Airfield site, ahead of its consultation day next Friday.  Brands Hill residents in particular should pay the site a visit.

The company has confirmed it intends to seek a routing agreement to send ALL site traffic via Brands Hill to the Colnbrook By-pass, despite the illegal levels of air pollution there:

“The site will be accessed from North Park using the existing field access along the southern boundary.  All HGVs associated with the site will turn out of the site to the west – along North Park and then travel south along Sutton Lane to the A4.  From there the traffic can travel east or west.  West to the M4 or east along the A4 into London”.

A routing agreement could be secured to ensure no traffic travels east through Richings Park or Iver.

Slough Borough Council could be powerless to act if Bucks decides to grant permission for the extraction.

If you are feeling a little déjà vu about this, here’s why: CEMEX was the source of a dispute between Slough and Windsor & Maidenhead Council last March when the latter approved a proposed quarry at Riding Court Farm, Datchet.  Slough’s objections to a plan to send 286 trucks a day through the Langley part of London Road, to avoid impacting its own residents, were overruled.

The company anticipates that a planning application will be submitted this Summer to Buckinghamshire County Council as the Mineral Planning Authority, although South Bucks District Council, Slough  Borough Council and other neighbouring councils would be consulted.

If approved the quarry would operate from 2018 through to 2026.  There would be 5 years of phased mineral extraction and 7 years of restoration via inert materials, a total of eight years of operation.

The outline plans on the site indicate that, rather than the 80 movements a day predicted by Iver residents last year, there would be 240 truck movements a day for most of the eight years of operation.

During the initial year the company predicts 170 HGV movements a day.  However while the site is in full operation extraction, between years two to five, infilling and concrete production will be occurring simultaneously, creating approximately 240 movements per day.  During years six to eight when the site would be infilled there would be 180 movements.

cemex site

There would be 240 HGVs a day passing through Brands Hill from the quarry during years two to five if plans are approved.

Sand and gravel would be extracted from the site in 5 phases over a 5 year period.  The sand and gravel would be extracted at a rate of some 400,000 tonnes per annum.  Following extraction of each phase the land will be restored to existing levels using “inert fill material”.  Restoration work will follow on directly behind the extraction of material from each phase.  The overall restoration of the site will be to agriculture and the restoration scheme will look to provide local biodiversity enhancements with the possibility of improved local informal access.

The company is promising that the cumulative impact of its proposal and other developments in the area, including traffic and air pollution, would be taken into account in the Environmental Statement.

A letter to Richings Park residents was sent out just over a week ago, along with a separate letter to interested parties.

Ian Southcott is the UK Community Affairs Manager who will be responsible for the Langley site development.  He can be contacted here.

A public exhibition of the proposals takes place on Friday, April 29th, 2.30pm – 8.30pm at Richings Park Golf Club off North Park.   Residents have not been invited to the separate one-hour “preview” session where the plans will be discussed by members of the team.

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