Colnbrook MP Afriyie dampens leader talk

From Politics Home:

Tory MP Adam Afriyie today insisted he had no desire to succeed David Cameron as party leader.

“I have no ambition to lead my party, and I have no ambition for any particular position,” the Windsor MP said.

However, he also called for the Government to do more to help business in Wednesday’s Budget.

“The key thing for this budget in my view is it must have business-friendly measures, and I think it’s really important that any government both likes business, but also is business-like in its approach to delivering those measures that will improve employment,” Mr Afriyie told the Sunday Politics.

Earlier, Nadine Dorries warned Mr Cameron that he needs to change tack to capture voters being “charmed” by UKIP.

“There are some very strong messages UKIP have that the public are being charmed by – and they were Conservative messages once,” the Bedford MP said this morning.

She also warned that Tory MPs in marginal seats could move against the Prime Minister if the party performs badly in local and European elections.

“It’s not down to me; it’s the 2010 intake of MPS sat on those marginal seats and the decisions will be theirs really – which way do you want the party to go, do you want to lose your seats, how do you want to change the party’s messaging.”

Her comments come as a new poll show that voters torn between the Tories and UKIP are much more attracted to Nigel Farage’s party when it comes to issues such as migration, public spending and same-sex marriage.

The findings are a blow to Mr Cameron, who yesterday warned his party they had a “real fight” to win the 2015 election.

But former minister Andrew Mitchell today offered the Prime Minister his strong backing, writing in the Sunday Telegraph that “tea-room talk of challenging Mr Cameron for the leadership will lead to a Tory defeat”.

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