Colnbrook Parish Council joins forces with 4 other groups to demand north-south relief road

Colnbrook Parish Council has joined forces with the Langley Neighbourhoood Forum to call on local councils to ensure the long-term provision of a north-south route linking Iver, Langley and Colnbrook.

Hollow Hill Lane remains closed, and source of fly-tipping.  Five groups have joined forces calling for something to be done.

Hollow Hill Lane remains closed, and source of fly-tipping.  Five groups have joined forces calling for something to be done.

The Langley Neighbourhood Forum has led four other residents’ groups in the area, including Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council, to issue an open letter to two local councils calling for an end to the current traffic misery facing the area.

Slough Borough Council and Bucks County Council should rethink current policy, the groups say – and commit all resource they can to reopening a north-south route linking the villages with the motorways.

The letter, shared publicly by the Langley Neighbourhood Forum, has been co-signed by representatives of the Langley Neighbourhood Action Group, Richings Park Residents Association, Iver Parish Council, and Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council.

But the groups do not appear to have decided on exactly what they want, with several options being demanded in the letter which has been sent to both Slough Borough Council and Bucks County Council.  The letter demands, variously, that the councils consider reopening the existing road, building a replacement road, and supporting an Iver Relief Road.

Previous demands for a relief road in 2015, intended to alleviate HGV strain on Iver High Street, would have seen trucks diverted through the Brands Hill air quality zone.  More recently, property developer David Wilson Homes proposed building a new relief road as part of a sweetner for a major green field development south of Iver.

David Wilson Homes has proposed to fund an Iver Relief Road on the back of a huge green field housing development south of Iver

David Wilson Homes has proposed to fund an Iver Relief Road on the back of a huge green field housing development south of Iver

The intervention follows months of commuter misery since Hollow Hill Lane was closed at Chequers Bridge, under an experimental order designed to gauge the impact of permanent closure in 18 months’ time forced by the Western Rail Access to Heathrow.

The consortium behind the Heathrow link scheme discarded five other routes, including one aligned with the M25.  Its preferred scheme which would see a spur off Langley rail station descending into a tunnel at an angle that would force the road to be permanently blocked.  It has refused to reconsider other routes as they would add precious minutes to the planned 6 minute journey time from Heathrow to central Slough.

In recent weeks the bridge has been hit with major fly-tipping including trade waste, rubbish and used tyres, that have turned the once-picturesque area into an eyesore.

The letter calls for Slough Borough Council to drop its current mitigation package planned for the B470 along Station Road and Langley High Street and, instead, lobby infrastructure developers and other decision-makers for one or more of:

  • Reopening the existing through route from Hollow Hill/Market Lane/Mansion Lane; or
  • Building a new road following the same route; or
  • Developing a new north-south route under the Paddington main line and over the canal between Market Lane and the western fringe of Iver; or
  • Supporting an alternative route further east to form an Iver Relief Road.

Former vice-chair of Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council Cllr Ray Angell signed the letter on behalf of the parish, although councillors in the village have yet to discuss a relief road policy formally or consult with residents.

This Summer Bucks County Council unveiled a new Transport Study targeted at alleviating the frustration in The Ivers.  It concluded there was no “quick fix” and concluded that, as most of Iver’s HGVs originate from within Iver, the key to resolving the problem would be to redevelop at least one of three large HGV sites causing the problem.  

Residents are being encouraged to submit their opinions on the matter directly to Slough Council by e-mailing, visiting the Transport for Slough Facebook page , via Twitter or by writing to Transport and Highways, Second Floor West, St Martins Place, 51 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3UF.


Letter from Local Residents re the Closure of Hollow Hill Lane December 2, 2016

We the undersigned call upon Slough Borough Council and Buckinghamshire County Council to do the following

1. Campaign, press, negotiate, and argue with all required authorities/infrastructure scheme promoters for a permanent open road route to be made available in the vicinity of the recently closed Market Lane bridge in Langley, irrespective of the impacts of CrossRail, the proposed Heathrow Express/HS2 depot at Langley, and the proposed Western Rail Access to Heathrow.

2. To work together to establish and agree a joint set of objectives and proposals to maintain the existing road route, or variation thereof, in the longer term. Such proposals should reflect the wishes of the communities most affected, as evidenced by both formal consultations and informal sources including social media.

3. We particularly call on Slough BC to abandon its current sole focus on a mitigation package that only presumes some unspecified enhancement of the B470 road along Station Road and Langley High Street and to instead to incorporate proposals which allow for an additional North South route under the Paddington main line and over the canal between Market Lane and the Western fringe of Iver.

We note that such a road must maintain in the long term a North – South route either along the existing road route along Market Lane, Hollow Hill Lane, and Mansion Lane involving road re-alignment broadly along the above route, or a more substantive replacement of the route further East, such that it may approximate to what some may prefer to refer to as an ‘Iver Relief Road’. We do not express a preference for either of these possibilities. We also note that such a route will go across both Slough and Buckinghamshire Council jurisdictions and thus we expect the authorities to work jointly.


Shin Dhother
Representative of the Langley Neighbourhood Forum

Jack Kirk
Representative of the Langley Neighbourhood Action Group

Graham Young
Representative of Richings Park Residents Association

Wendy Matthews
Representative of Iver Parish Council

Ray Angell
Representative of Colnbrook Parish Council



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