Colnbrook Remembers?


Colnbrook Remembers?

Colnbrook Remembers – 11-11-2014

Posted by Wayne Kennedy

If a small group of people choose to put a memorial plaque on their unwanted, insignificant object, located in front of a pub and takeaway, alongside some bins, next to the main road and only a couple of hundred metres away from an existing memorial, then surely they should at least remember to do something to commemorate the fact on either Remembrance Sunday or Remembrance Day?



p.s. Know there has been some wreaths left at the memorial in the church, but that is besides the point (in my opinion) and if you didn’t know it was there, you would think this is the only memorial in the village. And in addition, anything with a plaque on it, if you mark the occasion it’s placed on with a wreath or other means, then surely?? you do so again on the relevant remembrance days!!!

But then again, this is just what goes through the mind of a veteran, who believes there are certain things that deserve a certain amount of respect and shouldn’t be used to gain brownie points or for self congratulatory back slapping …. but again thats just my opinion and thoughts


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