Community Cup vote deferred; Hewson opens up nominations to … the Community!

Colnbrook Parish Council deferred its vote on Tuesday for the 2013 Colnbrook Community Cup again and the Parish Clerk has committed to allow nominations from the general public!

Clerk Roland Hewson has used the pages of Colnbrook Views this evening to hit out at “unconstructive innuendo” regarding the nominations process for the Parish Council’s annual Colnbrook Community Cup.

The recipient of the 2013 Cup – which, for the last few years, has been awarded to parish councillors, former parish councillors, or their employees – was due to be voted on by councillors on Tuesday. Of four nominations put forward by councillors, one included former councillor Michael Nye, and another included the Colnbrook Community Partnership run by former councillors Michael Nye and Laurie Tucker and parish vice-chair Cllr Ray Angell!

Alistair Metcalfe, Chairman of Colnbrook Scout Group, set the cat amongst the pigeons on Monday by announcing he had nominated Alasdair Garbett, long term Group Scouting Leader, for the cup. But Hewson posted this morning that the nomination has not been correctly made.

However, Tuesday’s meeting of the Finance & Policy Committee DID defer its vote on the recipient for the 2013 Colnbrook Community Cup.

This evening the Parish Clerk, funded by the taxpayer, has confirmed that nominations from the general public WILL be accepted.

The award, never previously announced or publicised to the community, IS open to residents’ nominations, Mr Hewson has stated.

“The whole “raison d’etre” of my donating this cup was for the unsung heroes of the community who contributed to the life and well being of the community, those who went that one step extra.”

It’s not clear if Mr Hewson’s actions have the backing of councillors but, suggesting that the Cup may have deviated from its original aims, he adds:

“… I am pleased in one respect-that is that my original intention for the community cup is now being taken up by the residents.”

The surprising lack of recipients of the award outside the Parish Council’s inner circle in recent years has raised eyebrows given the many unsung heroes who regularly devote their time without seeking recognition.   Veteran former councillor Mike Rayner received the Cup coinciding with a donation of £2,000 from the Rayner Family Trust to the Jubilee Clock Fund.
Mr Hewson adds:
“I do however resent anyone trying to use the awarding of the cup for political or other purposes.”
No closing date for nominations has been announced, or criteria set, but nominations should be made to any parish councillor or directly to Mr Hewson.
Without innuendo, Colnbrook Views applauds this decision and looks forward eagerly to a genuine community award.

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