What IS a community?  If you asked a dozen people to give you a definition you would doubtless get a dozen answers.  I like this one best, which I found on an obscure website called community4me:

A community is best defined as a group of people who, regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, have been able to accept and transcend their differences, enabling them to communicate effectively and openly and to work together toward goals identified as being for their common good.

I have lived in Colnbrook for 12 years and, until quite recently, doubted there was much of a “community” spirit in Colnbrook. Most residents come here for the proximity to Heathrow, or Slough, or for the easy access to the transport network that Colnbrook affords. When you work out of town, do your weekly shop in Tescos, and have little need or interest in village matters, its easy to miss what’s obvious: there are a lot of organisations in this village, and a lot of very passionate people trying to make some aspect of the village better in some small way. A minority of faces may pop up in more than one place, giving cause for complaint to some, and gratitude from others. I am definitely in the latter category when someone is prepared to give up their time for these groups.

The list of community organisations described on these pages is not extensive yet – please email us if you know of a group that is missing. The big challenge we have in a village that is really three very distinct areas, is telling each other what is going on. (The assumption that nothing is, as I found, will invariably be quite wrong). Sometimes it takes the bigger issues – the Johal’s Scrapyard, Jay-Flex or SIFE, to cajole those who don’t normally get involved to take a stand. On the other hand, the revival of the Colnbrook Apple Fair, the popularity of the local Scouts group, or the success of the long-standing C.A.S.T. point to a large number in our village who are more than prepared to give something back.

We are all prone to complain about the groups that represent us when things happen we don’t like. But our long-established Parish Council, and the new Colnbrook Community Association, ARE making waves (okay, sometimes just ripples) and changing things for the better as hopefully these pages show.

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