Business Action Group

A BAG is a multi-agency, problem-solving group that consists of relevant partner agencies, key stakeholders and, most importantly, members of the local community. BAGs focus their work around the main priorities that are identified after consultation with the local community. Members, who are all volunteers, take on responsibility for achieving certain tasks on behalf of their neighbourhood. If you are interested in becoming a member then contact the neighbourhood team on 08458 505505.

The Poyle Business Estate ‘Business Action Group’ has been established to focus on three locally agreed priorities:

  • Parking of huge vehicles. Vehicles parked on pavements cause congestion. Trailers and goods vehicles have insufficient facilities due to lack of adequate parking space.
  • Speeding is a community concern as delivery and pick-up vehicles break speed limits on most of the major roads in and around the Industrial Estate.
  • Theft from motor vehicles and draining out diesel. Some people are acting on an opportunist basis to steal from cars in the area.

View the Poyle Industrial Estate Business Action Groupwebsite

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