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In order to launch the Colnbrook Community Association we conducted a survey of all residents within the area between July and August 2010 via a postcard sized flyer delivered to all homes in Colnbrook, Poyle, Brands Hill and Westfield. While the survey response was disappointing (with just 39 responses to the initial survey), perhaps reflecting the work to be done in the villages, subsequent feedback and enquiries have resulted in a worthwhile list of matters that need to be addressed in the opinion of our increasing membership.


The result of our 2010 survey is as follows:-

  • Village Hall – lack of use. 28.2%
  • Traffic – HGVs / speed. 20.5%
  • Public Transport – lack of. 18.0%
  • Police/Safety. 15.4%
  • Street Cleaning. 12.7%
  • Pavements – upkeep 2.6%
  • Johal – scrapyard. 2.6%

The Survey

For reference, the two survey cards delivered to residences are linked below.  Click on the image to view a large version of the survey.

CCA Survey July and August FRONT
CCA Survey July and August BACK


In order to add depth to these results we add comments on each item.

Colnbrook Village Hall 28.2%

Perhaps not surprisingly the village hall received the most comments. Many longed for the days when this was “a proper community hall” with regular events and a wide membership. Some 10.2% wanted a regular Youth Centre to be based there, whilst 5.2% specifically wanted recreational classes and regular social events. All wanted to see it used for the benefit of the whole community.

Please refer to the CCA Statement regarding the Village Hall.

Traffic 20.5%

There were basically two comments here. The first related to the “rat run” and use of the High Street by HGVs. Since the survey the weight restriction has been implemented and the Police are undertaking regular checks with great success.

The second related to speeding, particularly on the stretches from Tall Trees to the Post Office and from Vicarage Way (west) to the BP garage.

Public Transport 18.0%

The comments here relate to a lack of public transport serving residents access to services provided by Slough Borough Council. The present service (the 81) goes straight to the bus station without passing a single facility provided by SBC, to whom residents pay their council tax.

A question posed was could the 75 and/or the 76 be diverted through the Village once or twice per hour in order to allow residents access to many SBC facilities?

If this could happen it would also allow access to both doctors surgeries in Langley.

Police and Safety 15.4%

Our respondents feel that Police and PCSO’s visibility has decreased recently, and ask why this is so.

A number asked about a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. As a result a new scheme has been established in Westfield.

Mention was also made about the possibility of a crossing from either Bath Road or Horton Road to the BP garage, and when the crossing by the recreation ground is going to be installed. (This crossing was part of the planning application for the gravel extraction off Horton Road, and some £90,000 has been paid to SBC by the planning applicants for its installation).

Street Cleaning 12.8%

Comments mention the pretty dire service provided by the SBC contractor, Enterprise. Overflowing bins, general rubbish on the streets, and vehicle parts left on roads and footpaths for many days following minor accidents.

The slip road comming out of Sutton Lane onto the bypass was also an issue due to the amount of rubbish and human waste deposited by drivers on the verge and over the adjoining fence by the footpath. Subsequent to comments raised at CCA meetings, SBC has agreed to yellow line this slip road with a one hour limit, and to provide waste bins for the drivers use.

Pavement Upkeep 2.6%

The poor condition of some footpaths in the ward causes particular problems for wheelchair and walking stick users.

The paths around Vicarage Way are very bad, whilst throughout the village there is a problem with stopcocks not being bought up to paving levels upon resurfacing.

Johal’s Scrapyard 2.6%

A simple question arises on this item. How did the councillors on the Planning Committee ever see fit to pass this application?

This document will be passed on in its entirety to all bodies directly or indirectly concerned with any matter mentioned herein for comments and possible actions where necessary. It will also be sent to all members and then posted onto the CCA website.

Vicki Brenner – Chair
Charles Burke – Secretary
Colnbrook Community Association
December 2010

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