Your candidates for the Borough Council election

Click on a thumbnail to view the candidates’ policies and pledges in the forthcoming election. ¬†Candidates are in random order, and the sequence will change on each page refresh.

(*) indicates Colnbrook Views has no information on these candidates currently.

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One Response

  1. Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin 29 May, 2015 at 9:50 pm ·

    Purely by accident I have just come across the candidates ‘policies’ for the Slough Borough election of 2011.
    Even more ironically I have read the ‘pledges’ of the elusive Dexter Jerome Smith?
    Virtually EVERYTHING he said he will do…ie; rid the village of ‘Colnhenge’ (still there?)…’clean up’ the boarded area at the junction of Coleridge Crescent and Rodney Way..(still there?)….it transpires he’s done nothing!!
    Now in ‘power’ again…I wonder what bull**** he will come up with next?

    Read his letter to residents?

    You couldn’t make it up?

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