Andre Frank Brenner

Our Community now has the chance to make a choice who will represent its residents and businesses as Parish Councillors – your voice and vote counts!

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I commit to give Colnbrook a voice again and reverse the trend of apathy and inaction; it is time to see Colnbrook, Poyle and Westfield flourish again, restore village life, bring back the many attributes the village and surrounding areas have lost, and create a community spirit.

Evaluate today’s state of affairs in terms of the environmental issues, safety, planning matters, youth programs, traffic, Village activities and the general wellbeing of its residents and local businesses to mention just a fraction of what the challenges are and you will agree an evolution is needed.

I am a committed resident who is standing to be your Parish Councillor to represent you and the village as a whole; am savvy, hard working and seek to improve and create a neutral, unbiased, approachable and accountable agenda for the village moving forward.

ANDRE BRENNER – commited to listen, serve and support

My family and I moved to Colnbrook in 1987 and after several years working on overseas contracts, have been a resident of the village since 1993. Working within the hotel and tourism Industry has afforded me invaluable experience in managing both human and environmental resources on an international and community level around the world. Having headed international tourism development projects; liaising at government level that culminated in my decision to set up my own company in 1993 to utilise my varied and hands on travel industry experience.

Colnbrook is blessed with its geographical location and history and clearly remains a convenient and popular area both for resident and business interests. Sadly since 1987 the Village has lost almost all of the small businesses and the community spirit has diminished. Our parish has become very transient and for many newcomers there is little sense of belonging. Whereby neighbouring communities and Parish Councils have worked hard to rejuvenate village communities through protecting the natural, economical and historical heritage by creating sensitive but essential developments and facilities for its residents and visitors, Colnbrook is on the wrong track. Our parish is being exploited by individuals and organisations that equally realise the many attributes of Colnbrook, Poyle and Westfield area, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. It is my aim to assist in changing this negative trend.

What is apparent, as regions such as Berkshire develop their infrastructure through residential developments, and/or any other businesses, it produces a significant impact on natural resources, local communities and the social well-being. The need for sustainable, responsible planning and management is imperative for local communities to survive and prosper and this understanding forms the basis of my ethos and commitment to actively engage in making change happen for the better of our community. Amongst many challenges, our village faces continued planning and development issues that need to be robustly examined and we need to ensure that residents and local businesses of Colnbrook with Poyle and Westfield get the best possible chance to maintain and enhance the needs and expectations for a sustainable and viable village community.

In addition to looking at ways of encouraging the wider community to engage on planning and related issues, it is my intention to work on more pro-active and inter- active Parish Council meetings with the aim of encouraging more resident involvement in the decision about the future of our community.

You have my commitment to serve and support key planning and development issues facing our community.

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