Charles Burke, secretary of the CCA.

A fresh face for Colnbrook

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I have lived in Colnbrook for 10 years with my partner Wendy, who was born and raised in the village and attended school here. I qualified as Chartered Accountant in 1975 and have been in practice as an accountant since 1978. This is my first foray into politics. I don’t like being told by politicians that something can’t be done – where there is a will there is a way, and working with others can usually produce results.

I have been the secretary of the COLNBROOK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION since its formation last summer. If I am successful in this election I will sadly have to relinquish this roll in accordance with its constitution. The CCA has had a very successful first period in identifying areas of concern to the residents of Colnbrook with Poyle ward and this work will continue if I am fortunate enough to secure your vote in this, the first fully contested Parish Council election for many years. More details regarding the CCA are available on the web site.

My areas of concern generally mirror those of the residents of Colnbrook with Poyle who took part in last years CCA survey. My general concerns are;

  • The Colnbrook Village Hall – Access and use for and by residents
  • Traffic – Speeding and Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Inadequate Public Transport – Access to Heathrow, Doctors, SBC facilities
  • Policing and Safety issues – Anti Social Behaviour
  • Street Cleaning Generally
  • Pavement Maintenance – Water mains, overgrown hedges etc
  • Johal Scrap Yard – Why was permission granted?

In addition to the above the biggest single issue facing our community over the coming months or years is the proposed Slough International Freight Exchange (SIFE). I am a member of the StopSIFE COMMITTEE which was established by members of the CCA, and I will continue in this roll if I am successful in securing your vote on 5th May. More details are available on the web site.

On a less specific matter I have always been surprised by the lack of togetherness within the community. By this I mean COMMUNICATIONS between the various groups, including the Parish Council. If elected I will continue to work towards improved communications between all groups, and other agencies such as Slough Borough Council and the Police.

I will remain focused on the above issues, and any other matters nominated by the residents over the coming years, after all they are matters selected by the community as important to improve the environment in which we live.


Thank you for taking the time to read my address, please pass it on to other members of your household for their information.


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