Kishurbhai Ramsibhai Laxman

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I grew up in Leicester and in 1976 studied Pharmacy at University of London. After graduating in 1979 I did my pre-registration training with Boots the Chemist before taking up managerial duties. A chance meeting with an employee of Gilson’s the Bakers in 1983 brought me to Colnbrook where, with the help of a number of locals, I started Colnbrook Pharmacy in 1985.

Colnbrook had been without a pharmacy for about 20 years. Right from the outset I got involved in local affairs by taking part in the five Apple Fayres between 1985 and 1990. I then joined Brookside Players. When they disbanded in 1999 I became a member of CAST (Colnbrook Amateur Stage Theatre). That year I was elected to the Council and since then I have served as Vice Chairman of the Council for three years and have been Chairman of the Services Committee for the last three years. I also served a term as Community Governor at Pippins from 2005 to 2009.

As a member of the Council I have been responsible for the following:

  • Setting up and managing the Parish Council website
  • Co-ordinating and printing of the Parish Newsletters since 2003.
  • Printing of calendars, tea towels, and mugs.
  • Organising the Golden Jubilee celebrations of 2002, the 10th and 15th Anniversay celebrations

I also plan to organise the Diamond Anniversary Celebrations for 2012.

I have always believed that I should put something back into the community rather than just take what I can. If elected, I hope to continue with my work for the benefit of the whole community. I am a family man, married, with three grown up children, two of whom are qualified solicitors with the youngest training to be a chartered accountant. I believe I have a lot to offer and seek to be re-elected.

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