Leslie Jarrett

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Dear Resident of Colnbrook with Poyle,

On May 5th 2011 there will be an election for the Parish Council in Colnbrook and Poyle.

I would like to ask for your support in this process by taking the time to visit the Polling Station on May 5th and cast a vote for me.

My name is Mr Leslie Jarrett and I am standing as an Independent candidate for the Parish Council.

I have lived in Colnbrook since 1993 and have been an active in attending Parish Council meetings and making a contribution to our community. I am 56 years old and married and work as an applications analyst at a small international bank in London.

As an INDEPENDENT candidate, I fully stand behind that principle in that I am not a member of any local action, protest groups or political parties or as a candidate directly supporting or supported by any of them.

The reason I am standing as a candidate for the election is to serve our community not just for the issues of today but those events and issues that will occur during my term in office if elected.

We are all aware of the current single most important issue in the Parish which is of course SIFE. This issue may be what the election is going to be fought upon, however I think that it is far better to stand for election to support all of the community and not just on this one issue.

I intend to help all the relevant agencies and groups that are doing what they can to keep the Colnbrook with Poyle Parish a fairly safe and pleasant place to live.

I believe that there is value in prevention and integration as well as cures for some of the problems such as Anti-Social activities.

Remember a vote for me is a vote not just for one issue that affects the community but to serve all residents regardless.

Remember the name on May 5th: Mr. Leslie Jarrett

E-mail lesjar2509@sky.com

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