Lorrie Paesano

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I was born on a farm in southern Italy in 1951 and moved to Slough in 1955. All my working life has been in and around Colnbrook. Four years with Country Buses in Windsor as an engineer, seventeen years with BA as an equipment engineer. Local people know me as the boss of Airport Motors on the By-Pass. 2011 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the business.

Other residents know me as the Alpaca and Chicken farmer from Spital Farm or the Pizza man and bed maker from Colnbrook Lodge, Old Bath Road.

I’m new to this Parish Council malarkey but I have attended meetings when I had issues I thought they could help me with or on the other hand they had an issue I could help them with.

I am standing as an independent candidate as I’m not a member of any party and am not out to make a party look good.

I have been a Colnbrook resident and business owner for many years and am looking to give benefit to the community with new facilities and amenities.

Although I know the previous councillors have achieved a lot for people living in the Parish I feel my local business experience makes me well placed to improve on their good work.

I would very much like to rise to the challenge so please vote for me.

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