Cllr Michael Brenner

For a youthful, energetic and representative councillor Vote MICHAEL BRENNER on 5th May

View Michael’s election leaflet here

Make it Happen, Make a Change – You have a choice in the election of your Parish Council representatives. Your vote will make the difference!

The residents of Colnbrook need to take this chance to reverse the current trend on non-participation and reaction to the challenges and changes facing our village – you have the opportunity to vote for those who have committed represent you, to give the community a chance to have a voice. Lets tackle the issues affecting every generation of the village.

I am a young, committed resident who is standing to be your Parish Councillor. I urge you to take the opportunity to vote for me for uncompromised represen- tation to achieve the community’s common objectives.


As a recent university graduate who has lived in Colnbrook since childhood, the recent evolution of the village and surrounding area has had a profound effect on my upbringing. My aim is to bring an invigorated outlook and youthful perspective to your Parish Council.

The issues which I feel most passionate about are exploring opportunities to encourage more interaction and support between the local organizations and businesses to offer greater opportunities to local children and young adults. By empowering them with a voice and sense of responsibility, they can play a role in making improvements in the local area. Simply put, giving back to the future generation of the ward.

There is also a need to tackle anti – social behaviour within the young of our community, not only to improve this problem for all residents, but to try and provide improved facilities and schemes to those who have previously been involved in anti – social behaviour.

By addressing local challenges and issues facing the youth of our society we really can make a difference to their futures. I am also committed to improving the local well-being of all residents in our community.

For a youthful, energetic and representative councillor Vote Michael Brenner on May 5th.

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