Council to allow more time for SIFE objections

Slough Borough Council WILL allow more time for local residents to object to the massive SIFE development, possibly to the end of year.  However, concerns were expressed by the Colnbrook Community Association that very few people in Colnbrook, Poyle or Westfield, have even heard about the development or received the official planning notification.  This follows Goodman’s limited community consultation in which it wrote to only 1,000 residents.

Pippa Hopkins, Senior Planning Officer at SBC said:

“We have given people the standard 21 days in which to respond but in practice we will accept any representations up until we write the report for planning committee. Anything received after this can still be reported on an amendment sheet.  Since the application will not be going to committee for a number of months you effectively have some time in which to respond.”

Following the meeting of the Colnbrook Community Association (CCA) on Wednesday, a task force has been set up with the aim of campaigning against SIFE – which has a footprint more than the entire village.  This group will meet for the first time on Monday1st November. will provide further details of the work of this task force, together with a target date for submissions once a campaign has been agreed.

For now, if you want to submit your own objections there is no need to wait.  Four templates are provided below as a starting point.  Please feel free to tailor them to your own requirements and add or remove points to tailor the letters to your own angle.  For the campaign against the even bigger London International Freight Exchange (LIFE) ten years ago, Colnbrook residents managed to write only 11 letters between them.  In contrast, the STRiFE campaign against the Radlett Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (also on Green Belt) mustered up over 1,000 letters within the early months of its formation.

The templates are organised into the following areas of interest (but feel free to mix and match!):

Sample Letter 1 – Threat to Wildlife

Sample Letter 2 – Unacceptable use of Green Belt

Sample Letter 3 – Impact on Local Business

Sample Letter 4 – Village Life

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