Council’s maths blunder unites Cllrs Dexter and Walsh

Slough Borough Council’s well publicised accounting blunder which turned a projected saving into a multi-million pound loss has – unusually – united Colnbrook councillors Dexter Smith and James Walsh.

Slough Town Hall

The Slough Observer broke the story last month of how projected savings from outsourcing back office services had been miscalculated, turning a potential £26.5m saving to the taxpayer into a £2.7m bill.

Cllr James Walsh, also commissioner for health and wellbeing, said:

I don’t remember signing that off last year … What safeguards are in place? I’m not sure I have the confidence in that system.

His Conservative counterpart Cllr Dexter Smith said:
That is gross incompetence. We will be doing all we can to hold the administration’s senior officers who were responsible to account. They should be disciplined. If that means they are forced to go, then so be it.

A senior Tory, Cllr David Burbage, leader of the Royal Borough joined in with an unusual attack on Slough’s Labour-rum administration:

Labour’s mismanagement of public finances at Slough council looks like leaving a massive hole that the taxpayer will have to pick up. Slough residents will rightfully be feeling very let down and should make their views made to those responsible.

Burbage backed calls from fellow Tory Cllr Dexter Smith, of Colnbrook with Poyle, for urgent action.

The council said the staff responsible do not work at the council anymore, but would not confirm individual details.

Cllr Burbage added:

If Labour cabinet member Cllr James Walsh has ‘lost confidence’, then what hope is there for residents? Cllr Smith is absolutely right to be calling for action over this.

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