Dexter and Kanwar slam McArdle while Parish Council take their cash

Conservative ward candidate Kanwar Kahlon and existing councillor Dexter Smith have aimed both barrels squarely at global construction conglomerate McArdle for continued Green Belt violation, while the Parish Council continues to accept donations to help bring its Jubilee aspirations to life.


In the Tory’s first election flyer of the May election campaign, the pair blast McArdle for over-extending their site “up to the banks of the County Ditch”, blighting the views from Albany Park and Mill Street.

The newly elected Parish Council missed the deadline to consider McArdle’s application in April last year despite defence of the Green Belt being a key platform for the rump of councillors elected. McArdle sought retrospective permission to extend into Green Belt areas on the grounds that it could not justify exorbitant local rents, threatening to leave Colnbrook if it did not get its way. In the previous year it declared a 54% increase in profits.

Having had the matter brought to their attention by Colnbrook Views, discussion was deferred by the Services Committee on 24th May, again by the full Parish Council meeting on 7th June, and it wasn’t until a further meeting of the Services Committee on 21st June that the Clerk was instructed to comment on Green Belt issues and the use of Mill Street by vehicles servicing their site (which had not even occurred according to local residents).

McArdle's Green Belt squat in Colnbrook

McArdle's Green Belt squat in Colnbrook

Dexter acted quickly, lobbying officers directly along with local residents.

The application was finally thrown out by Slough Borough Council’s Planning Committee on 2nd August.

On 7th February this year the Parish Council accepted a donation of £500 towards the Jubilee Clock fund from McArdle and, on 20th March Vice-Chair Ray Angell announced that McArdle had offered their services for the ground works for the Jubilee clock, donating an estimated £2,000 of free work.

McArdle have also provided free work improving the environment at Pippins School while continuing to occupy Green Belt and blight views of Albany Park.

In recent days a lot of the excess plant and machinery being stored on the site has been moved, although it is not clear if this is in response to enforcement action or whether it is simply being moved out to client sites. McArdle continue to flagrantly abuse its agreed opening hours to the annoyance of neighbouring residences.

The situation is likely to get worse with McArdle announcing only in February that it had taken delivery of a further six new dump trucks from Caterpillar.

McArdle are understood to be intent on resubmitting their application.

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