Did Hillingdon also suffer a snapped tape?

Two of Hillingdon’s air quality monitoring stations also have gaps in their data coinciding with the fault at the Lakeside 2 station on 5th September.  Meanwhile, Colnbrook’s air has suffered another bad week.


The independent monitoring stations at London Hillingdon Oxford Avenue and London Hillingdon Hayes both have missing data coinciding with part of the period when Colnbrook Lakeside 2 at Grundon’s Energy from Waste facility developed its fault on the morning of 5th September.

Last week Slough Borough Council experts confirmed their understanding that a snapped tape at the monitoring station had been responsible for incredible levels of pollution.  The erroneous data spike was deleted from pollution monitoring portals.

Now it seems that two other monitoring stations in neighbouring Hillingdon also failed to record data at the same time.  Both were also reporting High levels just prior to the fault and one continued to report levels in excess of 100 ug/mfor several hours after it came back online.

Other monitoring stations in Hillingdon, Harlington and Brentford also reported levels that were higher than usual, but not as high as the other stations in Colnbrook or Slough.  In Colnbrook 2 of the other 4 stations were reporting PM10 well above 100 ug/m3, classed as Very High by the Department for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs.

Chiswick, and Reading reported levels in the sixties, marginally higher than normal.

A statement from Slough Borough Council on Friday said high levels generally seen over the south east on the 5th September had come from the continent but monitoring stations in coastal areas as far apart as Plymouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and Chatham are reporting close to normal for the period.

Pollution levels last fortnight

Today air quality in the area is improving again after a fortnight of further erratic readings from all Colnbrook monitoring stations.

PM10 readings at Colnbrook Osiris, adjacent to Pippins School, peeked at 168 ug/mlast Wednesday lunchtime. while Lakeside 2 Osiris reached 133 ug/mand Lakeside 1 reached 107 ug/m3 – all very high levels.  An “exceedence” is only counted when the daily average is more than 50 ug/m3, and 35 exceedences are allowed to meet Air Quality Strategy Objectives, reinforcing Colnbrook Views’ call for a new upper limit on emissions beyond which operations should cease.

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