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Deadline: Call for Sites for new Slough Local Plan

4 March, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

| Free

Slough Borough Council’s Call for Sites for consideration in its new Local Plan to 2037 concludes on 4th March.


Slough’s Local Plan is due an update.  Although it has seen some tweaks the current version largely dates back to 2004 – when the population was some 20,000 fewer.  The shortage of land suitable for housing is now a major problem.  Development has encroached beyond existing site allocations.  The Green Belt is being eyed up by a number of schemes, some the Council supports and some it does not, while the current plan has been challenged in inquiry after inquiry.

But planners also say they want to know how they can build “a Slough fit for all our communities” – and say they want your local knowledge to do that.

Planning guidance suggests Local Plans are likely to require updating in whole or in part at least every five years.  The Prime Minister has said that if councils do not produce Local Plans by 2017 then the Government will work with local people to ensure one is drawn up.

The timing puts an added pressure on the Parish Council to speed up efforts to come up with a Neighbourhood Plan.  Indeed, as things stands, both Slough Borough Council and Colnbrook Parish Council could well be asking for your ideas at the same time.

Of course with decisions on Heathrow and SIFE to be come within weeks some decisions about a new Local Plan may well be imposed from above.  But, prior to a “Call for Sites” exercise to be launched in January, residents are being asked to submit their views.

The council says it would like your ideas on how it can make the most of what Slough has to offer, including:

  • Suggestions for residential, employment, retail, open space or community use.
  • What sites could the town make better use of – whether by redevelopment, changing the use, or improving what is already there.
  • Which existing areas or buildings in Slough have features or characteristics you particularly value and you think should be protected or enhanced.

You can tell the Council about a site by emailing or writing to Planning team (2FW), St Martin’s Place, 51 Bath Road, SL1 3UF.  You need to provide:

  • Your contact details
  • Where the site is and its current use
  • What you think it could be used for
  • Any other information about how it is or could be used

All sites submitted from the public, developers, landowners or other organisations will be subject to public consultation so everyone has the opportunity to comment on other people’s ideas.

You can view the current Local Plan online here.

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