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    To all whom it may concern,or even just who may be interested in potential answers….

    The reality of a Colnbrook welcome to the New Year…

    I had my bike stolen from outside my front door last night, 11th/12th January (along with one from a shed belonging to another resident), my own fault some would say as I forgot to either lock or bring mine into my flat, but then, I live in a flat that is tucked away, completely out of sight at the back of the main building, well off the main road, in a fenced and electronically controlled gated area. So its not as if anything was in plain sight and likely to tempt an opportunist who just happened to be walking past during the night, or more specifically between 01.00hrs and 07.00hrs…

    And as such I would just like to ask the following, of the individuals and groups who apparently have a vested interest in preventing this sort of thing in the village:

    ”When are we going to see some visible, proactive rather than reactive and effective forms of policing and crime prevention in Colnbrook?”

    Personally, I can’t remember the last time I saw a highly preventative presence of a police officer or PCSO walking or at least cycling around the village. All I have seen, other than PCSO’s in attendance at the local schools, or a police officer attending yet another incident or disturbance at the Guest house on the high street, has been police cars driving through the village with their blue lights and sirens on (reacting I would assume to an incident) or PCSO’s cruising around 2 or 3 up in the white car sponsored by Honda.

    And as for initiatives being talked about by groups within the village (Parish council, NAG, CCA etc) that’s all it seems to be ‘Talk’ or more precisely ”All talk and no action” just as it has been, I’m informed by other residents, for years…

    Now I can fully understand and appreciate that there may be unseen or in the background activities going on in and around the village, that people either never become aware of, or only find out about when figures are released around election time, but to be honest, I don’t feel that is good enough and why not?

    Well that’s simple….

    The limited visibility approach does nothing to put residents at ease when doing anything in and around the village or in and around their homes. Nor does it really act as any kind of deterrent… the yobs; criminals and transients that seem to freely roam in and around the streets of Colnbrook have no fear of arrest or prosecution, as there are very little obvious signs of any crime prevention let alone detection… Crimes, except for the victims, just become yet another statistic and as such it would seem that those who commit them have a ”Do whatever they wish attitude.”

    And as much as I would like to think there was a chance that my bike could be retrieved and returned to me, I have to be a realist and therefore I’m more interested now in any comments or replies that would explain the ease with which crime is able to be committed in the village and details of any measures that may be taken, or may be planned to actually be put in place, to at least try to make the village safer from criminal activity in the future??

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