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    Leslie Jarrett
    Leslie Jarrett

    In June I agreed to help try and do something on this matter
    “FP/13/17 ‘PARISH PLAN’

    a) The Chairman raised four items within the Parish Plan viz:-

    i) Traffic through the High Street and policy of attempting to keep commercial traffic away from residential areas where possible. He suggested a policy and code of conduct for the industrial areas by a positive approach to the businesses concerned and it was AGREED that a working party comprising the Chairman, Cllrs Jarrett and Smith prepare a document for consideration before approaching the companies concerned.

    Unfortunately nothing more has been done on this yet. I did make a small report on a traffic survey based over one month by myself in the area of the Punch Bowl which was submitted to the chairman. Alas as no longer part of the Parish Council I will not be able to do more and apologise to the residents of Colnbrook who may have been waiting for the final report.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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