Impact of the Govt combining the SIFE and Radlett decisions?

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    Following lobbying by Goodman Logistics during the Pre-Inquiry Meeting in August, and directly to the Secretary of State Eric Pickles, the Planning Inspectorate decided that the Radlett and Colnbrook decisions are too inter-connected, stating in a letter to all parties:

    “… we consider that the Secretary of State’s decision on the Radlett appeal, whenever it is issued, may have significant implications for the Colnbrook inquiry and we do not consider that the Colnbrook inquiry can proceed efficiently if it were to start on 9 October, as planned.”

    Since the Radlett decision has been pending for many months and currently has no expected date, the Inquiry into the Slough International Freight Exchange (SIFE) is currently postponed indefinitely.

    What bearing will this have on the decision? Slough Borough Council had argued strongly for the two projects to be dealt with separately. Does it more likely that the Government will ultimately decide on one or other of the two rival sites and, if so, is this good or bad news for Colnbrook?

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