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    Rumours circulating on Monday that Colnbrook based construction company McArdle had gone bust have been confirmed today with the shock announcement that administrators have been called in for the entire group.

    [See the full post at: http://www.colnbrook.info/mcardle-go-bust-after-72-increase-in-sales-administrators-seek-sale-as-going-concern/]

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    Construction company McArdle went into administration the day before a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court on April 24 into the death of a romanian worker on its M25 widening works in 2010. The company was charged with failing to ensure Mihai Hondru was not put at risk of collision.

    [See the full post at: http://www.colnbrook.info/mcardle-administration-coincided-with-hearing-into-death-of-romanian-worker/]

    Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin

    Here is a typical scenario of a ‘broken britain’, plus a ‘soothsayer’s dream?

    Firstly, may I add my condolencies to Mr Hondru’s family. No-one wishes to hear such a tragic story.

    However, secondly, Governments ‘fob us’ off with yarns of how much britain is better off financially with these migrant/immigrant workers who travel thousands of miles, crossing several continents and dozens of country’s to land on a small island merely to boost ITS failing ‘economy’???.
    This story is typical of such people who do NOT actually spend any money to boost OUR growth!! Many still work on a ‘cash in hand’ basis…therefore being ‘cheap’ labour, oblivious of the census that evaluates migrant movement….then their money gets sent back to their native country!

    Hasn’t anyone leaned anything by wondering why so many Western Union, plus various other private Money Transfer outlets have ‘popped up’ over the past 2/3 years?

    Oh yes, the soothsayer??… Monkeys, Peanuts, remember??
    And, in the words of the musical ‘master’……
    ‘When will they ever learn…when will they EVER learn’??


    Paula Edwards

    There is no suggestion this man was employed improperly, or working for peanuts, so let’s assume he was paying his share of tax and NI shall we. He’s paid his way, and by virtue of living in the UK he was supporting the economy.

    So a quick search on the internet reveals this man, rescued from an orphanage, comes to these shores and is able to support his adopted mother back home. It’s HIS money, nobody asks YOU where you spend yours, that’s freedom. I’m proud that he was able to do that in Britain, though I suspect he wasn’t given such a great welcome by some.

    This was a tragic, tragic accident. A freedom of information request was denied to his family by the HSE and two and a half years after the accident the company responsible for his safety goes into administration just before the hearing. Clearly, therefore, this is hardly a ‘typical’ scenario, and there will be lessons to learn.

    This is hardly an event to make political capital out of.

    And before you close the borders, remember that over 3 million Brits work abroad, the highest in the OECD. You close the gates and other countries close theirs. Everything has consequences.

    Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin

    Yes Madam, a truly tragic accident, as I previously mentioned.

    However, if that is the case, why such drastic measures of administration??
    Accidents are just that?…accidents!

    Incidentally, I do hope you DIDN’T use Google for your search?….you must be aware just why THEY are in the public eye at the moment??

    Another government ‘loophole’ no doubt?

    PS….unfortunately there isn’t much money left for me to spend…after all and sundry have taken the lions share!!

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    Administrators of Colnbrook-based McArdle have revealed they are negotiating with one potential buyer. But hopes are fading for the company to be kept as a going concern as asset strippers wait on the sidelines. The company’s prime location in the residential heart of the village is understood to be generating particular interest.

    [See the full post at: http://www.colnbrook.info/administrators-in-final-effort-to-save-mcardle-as-asset-strippers-eye-up-prime-colnbrook-site/]


    j harnett

    So mcArdle went as a resident of albany park i’m glad. But who is in there now with what look’s like miles of drilling pipe and the noisyest digger on earth they are far noisier than the last lot they are also dumping gravel along the river bank by the lorry load on two occasions today they where thumping something so hard the vibration shook down a pile of 40 cd/dvd’s i had stacked up not once but twice if i as a resident made 5% of the noise they made today i would deservedly be in a great deal of trouble. Who are they ? What are they ? Are they another McArdle doing what they want and ignoring local resident’s, planning permission the fact they are on greenbelt land who know’s i bet the council (parish and slough) as usual dont have a clue and if they do could’nt care less anyway. At least i wont have to put up with it much longer personally.

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