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    Erstwhile parish Councillors really are philanthropists it seems, donating nearly £40,000 of unpaid work to the parish every year.  That’s according to the Parish submission to the Community Governance Review in March, and one of several surprising claims made in its battle to escape abolition.

    [See the full post at: Parish Council put on probation as Chair’s dubious claims raise eyebrows]

    Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin

    Oh dear, oh dear!!!

    Not very encouraging chaps???

    Leslie Jarrett
    Leslie Jarrett

    Speaking as a resident and not conveying any view whatsover as representative of the Parish Council.

    Regarding the Badminton Club, I would like to say that as the main person running the club for the short period it existed I can comment honestly about it.

    Yes there was a Parish Plan item to try and get more sports facilities for the Community which also included George Meadow as well.

    I cannot comment on George Meadow as it seems to have been forgotten for some while now.

    There were several councillors taking part in that item one of which assisted with the setting up and played at the Badminton Club.

    The Badminton Club was created with funding from the CRA and no funding whatsoever from the Parish Council.

    The people who played were not all from the Parish some were from Datchet Windsor Slough and Langley and as such it was not a limited to residents only basis.

    I do not know or understand why the Parish Council is claiming it to be their success in this report.

    It seems that perhaps like the Badminton Club many things the CRA does is claimed to be a success by the Parish Council.

    This in my opinion sounds very wrong as the Parish Council should be seen as an independant and transparent seperate organisation, where clearly the activities of the CRA are mixed in with what the Council does.

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    Having read through the Chairman’s report and being mindful of Slough’s Governance Review recommendations for improvement over the next two years, I’d like to suggest that the Parish Council actively seeks accreditation through The Quality Parish & Town Council Scheme run by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). With the Colnbrook Community Association being the first community group to be awarded the Slough Quality Project award at bronze level, it would be a feather in the Parish Council’s cap to achieve their own quality award and would help to remove the doubts held by many as to the Council’s committment to all residents.



    What an excellent article!

    Full of facts and exposing the Parish Council’s double or even treble counting of the achievements of others in order to try and justify its own existence.

    Was this report by the PC chair ever approved for submission by the full Council? – I don’t see any reference to this in the council minutes.

    The CCP has long been thought to be an arm of the Parish Council but when asked Ray Angell has apparently replied that it has nothing what so ever to do with the PC. Many are surprised when this is bought to their attention.

    Is the CCP the funding arm of the PC or not? It’s very simply -Yes or No?

    If yes good: elect a broad range of serving councillors to the board of trustees to ensure that the wider views of the community are taken into account on funding issues and thereby opening the CCP up to scrutiny.

    If no; then don’t double count, Mr Hood.

    I see above that the normally loyal Mr Jarrett confirms this tendency of the PC to take credit where it is not due. Perhaps SBC would take note. It begs another question however; is the CRA an arm of the Parish Council?

    On the matter of councillors and their “voluntary hours” it would be useful to see the breakdown of this massive 6,300 hours between individual councillors and the projects involved. I know of at least two councillors who were never asked for the hours they spend on community matters; and one alone regularly hits 20/25 hours a week – excluding PC related matters!

    The Colnbrook Youth Club is a CCA (Colnbrook Community Association) project supported by St Thomas’ Church. I know the CCA started this project some 18 months ago but “Scrumpy” would want this for himself. Fortunately Charles Burke, Vicki Brenner, their youth worker, and the CCA membership have all worked wonders on this club and what a success it is. For the PC to claim any credit is laughable.

    Lastly we come to community cohesion! This is a subject about which certain councillors know absolutely nothing – they probably haven’t been on the relevant tax payer funded course yet!!

    See the article on this site at

    The Chair and Clerk seem to think that WE should reach out to THEM – how naïve of them. Councillors – book that course now please!!

    Mr Hood tried to close down the Colnbrook Community Association and was totally humiliated in the process.
    Not a smart move.

    The PC was offered retraining due to their obvious lack of understanding about council governance – the Independent Minds Group refused that!
    Not a smart move.

    The PC was offered mediation with regard to it’s (or more correctly Mr Hood’s) relationship with the CCA. The CCA accepted on the basis it could lead to genuine change. The Independent Minds Group refused this as well.
    Not a smart move.

    Three out of three own goals! Not very smart are they?

    I wonder if SBC knew any of this when they made their decision?

    With apologies to those councillors who are not members of the “Independent Minds Group”.

    Leslie Jarrett
    Leslie Jarrett

    “£39,200 from councillors unpaid work;”

    Below is a personal response and not a response representing the Parish Council as a whole

    I have not been asked how many hours I have spent of my own time on Parish Council projects.

    Therefore I have no knowledge on how that figure has ben worked out.

    However and this is a big guess I suppose is that the idea of such a figure was to represent a ‘possible’ cost to the Parish on the basis that the work if not done by councillors would have had to be paid for.

    Leslie Jarrett
    Leslie Jarrett

    Just for the record on anybody reading my responses.

    I did not see the powerpoint presentation until the day I was able to publish it to the web-site for the Parish Council.

    As such this means that I also did not see it before it was submitted to SBC or part of the review process as mentioned.

    “The chair’s views were not endorsed by councillors but councillors were taken through it.”

    Although it may not seem fair you must understand that at that time it was in my period of abscence from council duties and no blame can be made on the Parish Council if I missed out on the report review and publication.


    Charles Burke

    Hello Raymond,

    I actually proposed this soon after I became a councillor but it was unfortunately rejected.




    Everything is very open with a precise clarification of the issues.

    It was definitely informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

    Leslie Jarrett
    Leslie Jarrett

    I wonder what the next meeting of
    “Slough Association of Local Councils” will have to say about the report.

    The group does exist as it is on the OUTSIDE BODIES list of the Parish Council.

    Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin

    We await in anticipation!!!




    Oh no!

    I suppose somebody will elect himself Chair and Secretary of the “Slough Association of Local Councils”. No idea who that could be though.

    Possibly it will be abolished, meaning less hours for councillors next year, and that will mess up the Annual Report and false claims!

    PS I am amased that, with all the negative comments about your Parish Council, nobody comes forward to defend them! Except of course the occasional comment from Mr Hewson.

    Is it because those comments are indefensible; or because they are genuinely so arrogant they feel themselves to be above “all that stuff”!

    Shame on them either way.

    Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin

    Well, apart from choosing some pretty flowers to adorn lamp-posts around the village and doing business with some rather ‘undesirables’ …there isn’t much possitivity to be seen?
    Too many extended ego’s, selfish empire building…. leading to in-house bickering!!
    A council at war is little benefit for anyone or anything!.
    Wouldn’t you agree?

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    For the record, Iceberg, 3 serving councillors have contributed to this forum (although one subsequently withdrew himself from the online debate after attacking others). Additionally at least 2 former councillors have contributed and, of course, the Parish Clerk.

    Perhaps the others choose not to recognise the legitimacy of this newfangled internet thing.

    Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin

    Speaking of which?…unfortunately I haven’t been out much lately, as you no doubt have gathered…but has anyone seen the ‘plastic’ policemen plodding the streets…because I certainly haven’t…and for quite a considerable while!!
    Has anyone else spotted them around the village?… (truthful answers please?)

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