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    Concern over the future of the Village Hall tops the list following publication of the results from the first survey of the Colnbrook Community Associ
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    Jaden Stanley

    Of course.

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    At the Annual Parish Meeting last night Cllr Burke took the unusual step of leaving the chamber and taking a seat with the residents; it soon became apparent why he did so. Colnbrook Village Hall Trust is running at odds with Charity Commission guidelines and counter to its own constitution.

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    I attended the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday and was astonished at the apparent lack of concern shown by the majority of the Parish Council over the failure of the Village Hall Trustees to hold AGM’s as required. The Village Hall exists for the residents of Colnbrook and they should have a say in the election of Trustees. With no AGM having been held for a number of years I believe the position of the Trustees responsible to be untenable.

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    Colnbrook Village Hall Trust’s plea that its breach of Charities Commission rules is due to “the difficulty in attracting new trustees” is “disingenuous” claim the residents behind the recent mismanagement complaint who say offers of assistance have been rejected for years.

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    A VERY interesting article. I have also read the article posted in 2010 under the Colnbrook Community Association section of this site which clearly demonstrates that this matter has been going on for a very long time.

    I wonder what prompted the Trustees do get off their backsides and do something? Nothing to do with Cllr Burke’s explanation at the recent Parish Council meeting I suppose! To those who haven’t read it details are on this site, perhaps admin would link it to the article above.

    I wasn’t aware of the petition but I most certainly would have signed it. Keep up the good work, and I do hope you rescue the hall from the clutches of the present inept management committee.




    It’s quite, quite disgusting that they can get away with such lies. I just don’t understand their motives: if they’ve lost interest, there are plenty of others who have offered to step up.



    I wish to remain anonymous because I do know some of the characters involved on both sides of this sorry state of affairs. Individually the trustees I have met are decent people who appear to have the interests of the community a heart, so it begs the question “why are they acting out of character?”

    I suspect it may be a defensive reaction that groups are known to adopt when faced with a challenge from outside of their comfort zone.

    The challenge to their “authority” has been made by a widespread section of the community who also have the interests of the community at heart. It therefore stands to reason that the trustees have a dominant figure in their midst who calls the shots and who has led them to this very unfortunate position.

    Mike, do everybody (including yourself) a favour and resign NOW to enable this matter to be resolved amicably and for the benefit of the community that I know you have served well for so many years. You were awarded the village cup last year, don’t spoil things now.



    In the fairness to all concerned on this matter, why not wait until ACRE has been in and advised , helped , commented or whatever they do. It is obvious that ACRE are fully independent of any association , club , council , group etc in the Colnbrook and Poyle community and their work can be seen as being impartial and a common ground between all the interested parties. I am sure or hope that from this a solution will be achieved as a compromise between what each group wants and what they finally get . If not the real reason what the debates are going on could be easily lost by the slanging matches between groups, i.e. the village hall is a community asset and should be held and run for the benefit of all the local community.


    I would like to appeal to all concerned to sit down with each calmly with ACRE and develop a fully acceptable plan for the next say 5 years for the Village Hall.
    The outcome should be that all the community groups can harmoniously work together for the benefit of the village community and not just for the group or association they represent.


    One idea that could work in favour of stability for the village hall is as follows -:

    (a) a core body of elected trustees who do not serve on any other committee group or council etc. There should be 9 such members 3 to represent Brands Hill Westfield,Crown Meadow area with three representing central Colnbrook and 3 from Poyle i.e.east from the bridge. This would give a balanced working group that was representative from all of the parish. This group would be elected for a term of 3 years.

    (b) a further 6 elected representatives with a term of one year from a selection of the groups and associations in the village. Again the emphasis is having a varied cross section of interests represented.

    This does guive everyone a ‘fair’ opportunity to come forward and seek election as a trustee , this may include most of the existing trustees as well as the new ‘potential’ list of trustees who have been clamouring for change.

    There is no real sense in just letting a group force the issue to take over the hall battling with the group who currently have the control of the hall, let the residents have a chance to help decide the future for the hall.



    Oh dear, somebody with too much time on his hands seek to comment on matters about which he knows nothing!

    The Colnbrook Village Hall Trust is governed by a Constitution which lays down what it can do, how it should be run, and rules relating to the election of trustees, the requirement for ANNUAL General Meetings and much more. There is nothing wrong with that document.

    I know that the Constitution has been ignored by the present trustees for many years, but please let’s not compound the felony by suggesting possible resolutions to the problems which are outside the scope of that Constitution.

    By the way Councillor, your writing style gives you away! I’ve read you before.


    my suggestion was only one possibillity to stabilise the situation where one group wants to take control of the village hall and remove the existing group if they can. A compromise would be to allow a better way of creating the TRUSTEES . If you need the services of ACRE then this sort of outcome might have to be made anyway. I am 100% behind keeping and using the village hall as a resident and not taking sides either way on this matter hence the compromise idea of all sharing the running of such a valuable asset.



    unbelievable !!


    I agree with Mark on that there has been a valid constitution document that adequately covers or should cover the present and future running of the hall. Clearly from the article and the first few comments there is some concern and discord with the way things are at present. For the record as the organiser of the Badminton Club i am happy with my dealings with the village hall trustees and present and want to see this matter resolved as bet as possible.

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