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    Cllr Howard Jones was appointed on 1st May 2012 to be the Parish Council’s representative on CVHT, therefore he is acting in his capacity as Parish Councillor and the public notice should have stated that and ought to be amended.

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    Article 9 of the CVHT constitution allows the trustees to appoint Additional Representative Members as it sees fit. It has chosen to give the Parish Council representation.
    Article 9 of the CVHT constitution
    So in this case, just because the constitution is 23 years out of date doesn’t mean the CVHT can’t do the right thing. Let’s see if it chooses to enter into the AGM with the community spirit we all hope for.

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    The CVHT, CCP, CRA all share committee members, report as Outside Bodies to Parish Council meetings and are publicised at taxpayers expense so it’s hardly surprising these are often seen as the same club? One way to avoid confusion would be to insist on greater openness and less duplicity: ensure minutes are recorded and are publicly accessible; hold open elections; publish accounts to allow scrutiny of how our cash is being spent.


    The meeting next week may well be very interesting especially if the Chairman decides who can say something or even attend. I welcome an open debate , voting and discussion from all interested parties. Surely anybody attending should have the interest of the best use of a community asset rather than a drawn out debate about the right and wrong of the past. Everyone needs to focus on the way forward now and forget who did what why and when last year or the last twenty. Now is the time to look at making the village hall work for as many of the village residents as possible, if that means changes or not or compromise then let everyone have a fair chance to put forward their ideas and if that means becoming a member of CVHT then those who do not what to change should respect this and step down. If you do not let items have a chance then you never know if they would work or not. All I would like to see next week is a responsible , orderly and adult meeting , perhaps thats hoping a lot.


    Sylvia Jeeves

    Dear admin,
    Sorry but you are wrong. Trustees’ first duty is to the Village Hall Trust – regardless of which group or body they represent. Therefore Howard Jones is acting solely in his capacity as a trustee, not Parish counsellor.
    Secondly, Bill Jeeves is not nor has ever been a Parish councellor. If statements are to be made on this website they should be accurate.
    Finally, you describe Joan Rayner and myself as being “wives” when listing the Trustees. This I resent as we hold the post in our own right – we are not appendages of our husbands!


    Ask Jeeves?

    Sylvia, what utter nonsense! Suddenly a new rule that if you are an appointed trustee you stop representing your own organisation! What an absurd suggestion. Despite what you say you really ARE an appendage!!

    And if I understand correctly there are currently 7 (or less?) out of 10 elected Trustees (who havent been re-relected in recent memory according to this article), 0 out of 14 appointed trustees, plus Howard who is a discretionary appointee favoured over other organisations who could really put the hall to good use. And included in those 7 are two husband and wife teams?!?!?!? Come on! This smells so bad i’m surprised Environmental Health haven’t been over!

    Seriously, I hope somebody from the Charities Commission will be present at the AGM, plus SBC to put an end to this outrageous behaviour. Fat chance I suppose!

    What should happen, of course, is that those party to the maladministration of recent years (i.e. CVHT’s umpteen breaches of Charities Commission rules and denial of community access to the hall) be barred from standing again?

    Or will we invent another rule that all previous trustees be automatically canonised?

    Come on Sylvia, step back and think before you make such statements, you’re starting to sound very much like Mike Rayner!


    This is a personal view and does not represent any view or comment from the Parish Council in anyway or form.

    I feel sorry for the CVHT meeting on Thursday as the emphasis looks like being lost due to the probable nature of the debate.

    What I would hope is that the debate and election of persons to whatever category within the CVHT is based on presenting a case for what can be their vision for the future of the Village Hall and the primary objective of the CVHT in providing a community hall that is available to the community it serves.

    The meeting should clearly maintain that focus and not descend into a debate on what has gone wrong in the past years and months in the minds of some residents. To other people the service provided by the CVHT has been very good and more than acceptable as shown by that groups continual use of the hall.

    What is needed are people who what to ‘offer their services’ to keep this community facility going and also to seek out what is needed to advance what is available for the future as times have changed to some degree since the hall first opened.

    I would appeal to everyone who is coming to the AGM on Thursday to bear in mind the objectives of the CVHT when voting or putting their name forward for election to serve the community likewise.

    Andy McIlwaine
    Andy McIlwaine

    3 times you’ve said everybody should move on but who is arguing with you?

    Calling into question the chair’s impartiality as you have done above doesn’t sit well with your “let’s all be nice” speech!

    Seems to me the open question is: will CVHT open up its committee on Thursday to those organisations currently not represented (given the constitution doesn’t, after all, prohibit them). Whether CVHT can move on surely depends on that alone?


    Moving on does entail of course making the ‘running’ of the Village Hall available to any community group that wishes to assist and participate in the future of the hall.

    This is of course also of the the existing trustees and others that are currently running the hall.

    Surely in wanting to retain their office etc they need to be open and honest with their intentions for the future and also to encompass the other community groups into the management structure of the hall.

    Thus it is not just as some say get rid of all of them but to encourage them to bring into the CVHT group more of the community and work with them.

    Maybe just like many organisations some of the trustees and other appointees of the CVHT can actually do a good job for the village hall.

    Maybe the style of leadership in the past despite possible good intent has given the wrong impression at times.

    The outcome of the Thursday AGM will be the judge of many views and concerns regarding the CVHT.

    Whatever happens and is decided then we have to live with for a while and also to give the new structure whatever it is time to establish its plans etc.

    I do hope that for the community that this AGM does not turn inwards and the opportunity to branch out to other parts of the community is missed.

    The strength of the new community groups involvement into the next stage of the CVHT depends on how they handle themselves at the meeting.

    Firing off on what has gone wrong during the past twenty years is reasonable if used in a positive way.

    It is ok to say if you feel something is wrong but is it somewhat better if you can offer to either help stop it happening again or have a viable solution to support the need for change.



    In order to allow your readers to judge the situation prevailing at the Village Hall under the current trustees, I set out below the allegations made in a residents complaint to the Charity Commission last year which I have been able to obtain.

    It is alleged that the trustees have been negligent by;

    1.not undertaking their responsibilities in an acceptable manner, and that by refusing numerous offers of help have led to financial loss to this community asset.

    2.not maintaining proper financial records, leading to overdue accounts. Section 18

    3. not ensuring that the compliment of trustees was maintained.

    4. not calling an AGM for some 5 years or more despite requests and reminders to do so.

    5. possibly allowing the son of the Treasurer to act as reporting accountant.

    6. not acknowledging appointments of Nominated Members.

    7. not responding to legitimate correspondence requiring a response.

    8.not retiring annually and standing for re election as required by section 8 (2).

    I am reliable informed that a copy of the full complaint was forwarded to the trustees by the CC but received no comment from them, nor any perceivable action until now to correct matters.

    Does anybody feel that this is an acceptable way for a community asset to be managed?

    No, I though so.

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    The Colnbrook Community Association has issued a rallying call to members, urging them to stand for election at Thursday’s Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Trust.

    [See the full post at:]


    There have been so many ‘complaints about the CVHT’ so I had a GOOGLE to see what famous quotes there are about complaining.

    I am not assigning names to the quotes in regard to teh CVHT or any group etc , I can leave this to your own enjoyment etc.

    “Noise proves nothing, Often a hen who has laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.”

    “Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.”

    “The usual fortune of complaint is to excite contempt more than pity.”

    “People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.”

    and finally this one from a ‘LOCAL HERO’

    “When complaints are freely heard, deeply considered and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained that wise men look for.”


    “Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business”

    Zig Ziglar


    A very smooth and good meeting last night.

    I am glad that everyone adhered to the wishes of meeting chairman Howard Jones to look only forwards from this and not what happened in the past.

    Those of us including myself who have come forward now to help in whatever way we can , are now able to do so and hopefully have more reported positives about the Village Hall and less of the negatives in the future.

    My nomination and acceptance is of the Individual Persons category and not as a representative of any community organisation or group.

    I wish everyone well who has joined the CVHT and hope that we can all work together harmoniously and feel proud at our achievements regarless of who we represent in the village.



    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!

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