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    Despite a few nervous faces the Annual General Meeting of the Colnbrook Village Hall Trust last night proceedings remained calm and orderly, and participants were overwhelmingly supportive of how it was conducted.

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    Very good article for once, one slight point out about having half the Parish Council involved. Technically yes thats true by on a representation basis it is only one as recorded that Howard Jones represents the Parish Council. I am serving the CVHT as a resident and not as a Parish Councillor in the things and methods I can help with . Should any help be required from the Parish Council I will use Howard Jones to channel the needs back to the Parish Council.


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    We appreciate you your current precious expertise.

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    Positive news; kudos to everybody involved. Great to see an end to the deadlock in this affair and it sounds like real progress has been made. Well done especially to Charles Burke for his continued pushing. It’s a little disappointing that those associated with maladministration haven’t stepped aside, but an “amnesty” for past wrongs is probably the best way to go.

    However, Steve Oakes’ comment that trustees have a duty to act independently of any nominating organisation is counter to the constitution and raises the prospect that six councillors, having a “prejudicial interest” may have to leave any parish meeting where the village hall is discussed, even the nominated parish council rep. Like Sylvia Jeeve’s misplaced comment last week that Trustees’ first duty is to the Trust, it’s easy to see how poor practices become the norm when an organisation becomes beholden to itself and not the wider community it should be serving. “Keeping it honest” was, presumably, why the constitution was structured in such a way as to give village groups a say.

    Anyway, let’s hope some of these governance matters can be ironed out. The plans revealed so far are very encouraging … maybe, dare I say it, a turning point?

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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