Ginger haired boy’s “freakish fun” with two girls prompts police cordon on Vicarage Way

An area of the footpath on Vicarage Way adjacent to the George remained cordoned off by police for several hours last night following an incident described either as “freakish fun” or some sort of weird altercation between a ginger haired boy, two girls, a car, a stick and plenty of masking tape.

The police cordon around the footpath last night prompted speculation of a dead body.

The police cordon around the footpath last night prompted speculation of a dead body.

There were no dead bodies, and nothing sinister, but local police cordoned off a section of the footpath on Vicarage Way last night following an altercation between a ginger haired boy and two girls – which may or may not have been harmless.

The boy, around 6′, was initially observed at around 3pm poking a stick at a parked car while the two girls sat inside.  All three were shouting at each other.

The disruption continued for another couple of hours with yelling and screaming.  At times the girls appeared to be chasing the boy up and down the street while at other times he was chasing them.

Observers were not able to determine whether the incident was good natured or not.  One resident, who has asked not to be named, told Colnbrook Views that, at best, the behaviour may have been “freakish fun” but could have been something much more unpleasant.

By 5pm onlookers noted that one of girls, now out on the street, was completely wrapped  in masking tape.  Her hands had been tied back with the tape and the boy was attempting to pull her underwear down. The other girl remained in the car, throwing soft drink cans, cigarette ends, and other litter onto the street, yelling.

The noise, by this time, prompted residents to call the police, who arrived within minutes.

Three or four cars were eventually on the scene, including an unmarked vehicle, but the threesome left just before the police arrived.

With a police cordon in place around the crime scene from shortly after 5:30pm into the evening there was widespread speculation on social media as to what may have happened. A police officer, however, insisted that “nothing sinister” has occurred, although forensics were ongoing.

Nevetherless the Colnbrook rumour mill stepped into override yesterday evening with reports on Facebook that a dead body had been found on the pathway behind the trees.  The speculation went as far as to suggest that the body was that of a man with a dog, possibly from Crown Meadow.

Other reports that a girl was dragged into the car have also been confirmed as untrue by those who witnessed the spectacle.

Once again it appears that the new CCTV camera installed just feet away failed to record details of the incident and police are appealing for anybody with CCTV that may have picked up the incident to come forward.

Anybody who may have seen the trio having their “freakish fun” is being urged to contact police on the non-emergency number 101.


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Ginger haired boy's "freakish fun" with two girls prompts police cordon on Vicarage Way, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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