Grundon incinerator emerges as big winner from the business rates revaluation

Grundon will be the big winner from the Government’s business rates revaluation, with the rateable value of its three Colnbrook premises being reduced by £0.4 million from April.

Grundon’s clean-air claim last year was disputed by Slough Borough Council which said a particulate cloud had covered the entire south-east. What will they say this year?

Grundon’s share of the tax burden will be slashed from April under a revaluation of the rateable values for business rates.

Super-incinerator operator Grundon will be the big winner in Colnbrook from the Government’s business rates revaluation exercise.  It will continue to be the biggest single business tax payer in the parish – by far – but its overall bill is set to drop by nearly 10% in April.

Its three separate properties in Colnbrook have been revalued from £3.6 million down to £3.2 million under the Government’s business rates revaluation exercise carried out at the end of last year.  The incinerator itself bears the largest share of the reduction, reduced in value under the change by £310,000.

Base valuations are tied to changes in the property valuations and were last set based on property prices in 2008.  The latest figures are based on property and land values from 2015.

At the other end of the scale, the future owner of the Heathrow Approach headquarters building will see a hefty increase in its rates bill over previous incumbent Honda.  Its rateable value has been increased from £890,000 to £1.58 million.

The Hilton Terminal 5 in Poyle will similarly see its rateable value jump by nearly 37% from £1.72 to £2.35 million – an increase of £632,000.

Grundon has been luckier than other polluters in the parish.   DHL’s site at Lakeside, home of its new incinerator, has not seen a revaluation, holding its rateable value at £1 million, despite the investment put into it.  Lanz has seen its two properties revalued upwards by 6.3%; Biffa by a whopping 41%.

The figures present mixed blessings for some in the Top Ten winners.  wnDirect, recently taken over by DPD, also registered in the top ten for losers.  Kidde-Raviner, the aerospace factory in Poyle Trading Estate that announced its closure a year ago with the loss of 85 jobs, will see a £75,000 reduction in its rateable value.

The Holiday Inn Express at Brands Hill, which saw the third biggest increase in its rateable value – after the Heathrow Approach building and Hilton Terminal 5 in Poyle – has seen its provisional rateable value increase by a whopping 97.14%.  But there are four other Colnbrook businesses that have incurred revaluations even higher than that.

The Riverside Café on the Colnbrook By-pass has seen a 97.58% increase while Jock’s Café has seen 107% and Gibtel 140%.  Cecil Wiggins’ Stud Farm at the rear of Manor Farm has seen a staggering 134% in its revaluation.

More analysis coming soon …

The winners …

Name Where 2016 Rateable Value 2017 draft valuation Difference Change% Property Description
Grundon EfW Facility Colnbrook Lakeside 3120000 2810000 -£310,000 -9.94% Waste Recycling & Electricity Generation
Kidde-Graviner Poyle Trading Estate 585000 510000 -£75,000 -12.82% Factory/Industrial Unit
Grundon Waste Management Ltd Colnbrook Lakeside 360000 290000 -£70,000 -19.44% Waste Recycling & Electricity Generation
Royal Mail Group Limited Poyle Trading Estate 287500 241000 -£46,500 -16.17% Warehouse
Heathrow Cargo Handling Poyle Trading Estate 505000 465000 -£40,000 -7.92% Warehouse
Warren Insulations Plc Poyle Trading Estate: 235000 195000 -£40,000 -17.02% Warehouse
Glasszone Limited Poyle Trading Estate 186000 147000 -£39,000 -20.97% Warehouse
Universal Packing Specialist Ltd Poyle Trading Estate 116000 84500 -£31,500 -27.16% Warehouse
Goldstar Heathrow Ltd Poyle Trading Estate 197000 166000 -£31,000 -15.74% Warehouse
Wndirect Ltd Poyle Trading Estate 132000 104000 -£28,000 -21.21% Warehouse


… and the losers …

Name Where 2016 Rateable Value 2017 draft valuation Difference Change% Property Description
Heathrow Approach Brands Hill 890000 1580000 £690,000 77.53% Office or Business Unit
Hilton Hotel Terminal 5 Poyle 1720000 2352000 £632,000 36.74% Hotel or Guest House
Holiday Inn Express Brands Hill 175000 345000 £170,000 97.14% Hotel or Guest House
Banctec Ltd  Poyle Trading Estate 236000 352500 £116,500 49.36% Office or Business Unit
Montana Bakery Poyle Trading Estate 222000 327500 £105,500 47.52% Factory/Industrial Unit
Arora Park Hotel Poyle 390000 487500 £97,500 25.00% Hotel or Guest House
Crossflight Ltd  Poyle Trading Estate 133000 195000 £62,000 46.62% Warehouse
Wndirect Ltd  Poyle Trading Estate 115000 172000 £57,000 49.57% Office or Business Unit
Uniserve (Air Freight) Ltd  Poyle Trading Estate 110000 165000 £55,000 50.00% Office or Business Unit
British Motor Sports Training Trust  Poyle Trading Estate 109000 163000 £54,000 49.54% Office or Business Unit
Biffa Waste Services Brands Hill 86000 140000 £54,000 62.79% Waste Recycling & Electricity Generation



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