Hope for “Colnhenge” site as BBC investigates

Good news.  Construction could start again soon at Colnhenge, the locally-infamous “Heathrow Gateway” development on the former Rogan’s Garage site that has remained an eye sore for five years.

"Colnhenge" - the Heathrow Gateway

“Colnhenge” – the Heathrow Gateway

While elected representatives at all layers of local politics have managed little other than grand protestations that “something must be done” a recent article on the BBC website has tackled the issue head-on with the site’s owner.

A BBC Berkshire article refers to the Heathrow Gateway site as “Coln Henge”, using the name coined by Colnbrook residents in the pages of Colnbrook Views.

The original development by Rigsby New Homes Ltd  promised 58 flats with parking, gardens and a gym.

A condition of the original application was that windows would be non-opening due to its location in an air pollution hotspot – AQMA zone.

Work stopped in 2008 amid the global downturn.  Administrators were appointed on April 12 2010.

The BBC, which has tracked down the site’s new owner, Robin Ellis, says the site could soon see new activity.  Mr Ellis told the BBC he hopes work will resume as soon a new planning application is approved.  The site may not, as feared by some, need to be demolished.

Mr Ellis believes the incomplete structure does not need to be knocked down, but he would not commit to a timescale for the residential development to be completed.

Parish Chair Peter Hood told the BBC he’d like to see “a project” completed on the site according to the article:

People who have driven past it for many years have grown sad of seeing it in the state it’s been left … with the recent upturn in the property market, I’m sure it will ultimately be finished.

New plans would “be submitted as soon as is feasibly possible”, according to the BBC.

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