Langley group wants to reverse bus route changes “designed by someone in Southampton”

A residents group based in Langley wants to overturn the recent changes to First Group bus services serving the area.

heathrow first bus

The Langley Neighbourhood Forum says it wants to meet with the directors of First Group to attempt to persuade them to reverse bus route changes that came into effect three weeks ago.

Over 100 residents turned out last Tuesday to air their views on current traffic issues impacting Langley.

While accepting that the bus companies as private companies remain outside of council control, the Forum’s committee members are determined to address the largely derided route changes head on:

“Never the less we at LNF will go further and try to meet with the directors of the bus companies to share your concerns”.

In a letter to members chair Eleanor Cryer said she also wanted to investigate a claim by a resident that the bus routes were designed on computer in Southampton “by someone who had not even visited Langley” and will seek to have the allegation either either confirmed or rejected.

“If that is the case, we could ask the bus companies to reconsider the routes because we are aware of the demographics of Langley and possibly their planners are not”.

The Forum is also hoping to address tomorrow night’s Cabinet meeting which will review the timetable for reopening Chequers Bridge and Hollow Hill/ Mansion Lane.



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