Local businesses set to sponsor Christmas!

It may be nine months away but Cllr Kinane has already got Christmas sorted – and at no expense to residents.


No more rip-off fees for Christmas Trees, parish councillor Mick Kinane has decided.  This year’s trees are already sorted, and the cost will be borne by local businesses.

After last year’s near-£700 bill for trees, Cllr Kinane said he could do better.  Putting his money where is mouth is, he negotiated a deal with the Crown Estate to purchase three 11-12 foot trees at £104 each, arranged his own 7.5 tonne lorry to collect them, and has even manufactured fittings so he can install them free of charge.

Best of all, he reported at the end of February, there will be no cost to residents for the trees or the all-important cost of illuminating them.  Three local businesses have agreed to sponsor the cost of the trees, and a plaque will be erected by each tree in recognition.

Last year’s trees were purchased from Datchet Parish Council for £696.60 while the Parish budgeted £1,500 in total for festive decorations – that was was down from £3,000 budgeted the year before.

Cllr Kinane has now been taskeed to explore the possibility of securing sponsorship to cover the cost of Christmas lampost illuminations – a perennial challenge.

In 2013 the Parish refused to pay the bill after new solar powered lights erected through a three-year £5,000 contract left the village in darkness over Christmas.  Last Christmas a plan for new lights was dropped having been left until too late in November.  The Environmental Working Group was instructed to avoid a similar problem this year.

Whether Cllr Kinane can work similar magic on festive lights remains to be seen …


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