£860K McLaren supercar spontaneously combusts in Poyle

Smoke engulfing residents in Poyle yesterday was caused by the “spontaneous combustion” of a McLaren supercar passing through the village.

mclaren fire poyle road

The McLaren was caught on camera by a van driver who, unbelievably, is caught chuckling at the incident.

The incident, described as “distressing” by supercar enthusiasts, saw the McLaren P1 engulfed in flames on the intersection of Poyle Road and Bath Road, opposite the Punchbowl.

Video footage posted on social media appears to show flames emerging from the engine compartment of the vehicle, with a trail of fuel left by the vehicle also alight on the road.

There are scathing comments for the poster of the video, reportedly the driver of a passing Volkswagen Crafter.  His chuckles are audible and he does not stop.  There are no confirmed reports on the condition of the car’s occupants but posts on social media suggest that the owner is thought to have escaped uninjured.

The post on Instagram has been viewed over 273,000 times since the fire yesterday afternoon.

Autoevolution says the car, first registered in 2015, was a “hyper-hybrid” Powertrain model with a 737 hp twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 and a 178 hp electric motor, one of a limited edition built.  The magazine says it leads to “more questions” about the cause of the fire.

This is definitely one of those lie down on the floor, try not to cry moments. We do see supercars go up in flames from time to time, but it’s not often something as rare as a McLaren P1 ablaze – just 375 of the things were made, after all.

CarThrottle described the incident as “definitely one of those lie down on the floor, try not to cry moments”.  It adds that the cause of the fire appears to have been a fuel leak.

The exclusive supercar retails for £866,000.

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