No If’s, No But’s … the community fightback has begun!

Stop Heathrow Expansion was unequivocal that a Third Runway CAN and WILL be stopped at its launch event on Thursday. At a packed St Mary’s Church, Harmondsworth, speaker after speaker brought home not just the devastating impact expansion would have – but the sheer scale of opposition and the strength of the community fightback promised.

No third runway protest above Heathrow sign

Reposted from a comment by Paul Martin:

The meeting was attended by some seventy or eighty souls, overwhelmingly local people from Harmondsworth, Sipson, and Hanwell.

They came to listen to presentations including those of the committee of Stop Heathrow Expansion, “SHE”, some of whom are veterans of the No Third Runway Action Group, who were influential in thwarting Heathrow’s plans last time round in 2010. The presenters were admirably passionate about their objectives – treading gingerly for fear of affecting house prices is not for them; rather they will accept no compromise – not a single home must be lost. No punches were pulled in reminding us of what sort of people are seeking to profit at our expense; Heathrow’s owners are 90% foreign, a Spanish bulldozer operation, the Chinese government, and the government of Qatar (what IS the name of the murderous barbarians bankrolled by the Qataris?), among others.

Nevertheless, “SHE” emphasised that they are not campaigning for the closure of Heathrow but merely wish to maintain the status quo by preventing expansion. Some might argue that the only logical response to someone attempting to destroy you is to seek their destruction instead.

This writer came away from the meeting impressed by the passion, competence, honesty and optimism of “SHE” and its political supporters

The addresses were wound up by two “heavyweight” speakers – Hillingdon Conservative Council leader Ray Puddifoot, and the Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington, John McDonnell. These gentlemen are stalwarts of the previous, successful campaign and have again overcome their party differences to lend rousing support this time. Mr McDonnell eloquently dismantled Heathrow’s case for a third northwest runway and scathingly dismissed the men behind the Hub proposal as a bunch of get-rich-quick schemers, without a shred of credibility. The MP also suggested that the Airport Commission’s report will highlight Heathrow’s insurmountable air quality problems and is therefore falling behind Gatwick as a politically acceptable proposition.

Many speakers referred to the latest lies disseminated by the airport’s propaganda machine, “Back Heathrow”, in the form of another four page flyer wrapped around all the local rags published in the vicinity. There are lies, damned lies, and the lies of corrupt, arrogant “businessmen”.

This writer came away from the meeting impressed by the passion, competence, honesty and optimism of “SHE” and its political supporters. I heartily recommend this campaign group as deserving of Colnbrook and Poyle’s wholehearted support in our fight against our neighbour from Hell.

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