Parish accepts Games donation while turning blind eye to a THOUSAND tonnes of waste in Poyle

Startling facts have emerged that the Parish Council accepted donations from a local waste firm while raising NO COMMENT to the company’s retrospective application to handle a thousand tonnes of more potent waste at its facility in Poyle.

Household waste

While expanding DHL seeks permission to burn 550 tonnes of food waste in Colnbrook’s Lakeside Industrial Estate, it seems the Parish Council last month waved through an application to process another 1,000 tonnes of waste in Poyle – while at the same time accepting a donation.

Last week Colnbrook Views revealed that waste processing company Lanz had contributed funds towards the ‘Colnbrook Games’. The company’s philanthropy was based, according to its website, on being family owned and run.

Ever since its founding in 1943, Lanz Group has been committed to the local community and strives to operate in a way that not only respects its neighbours, but also that contributes to that community.

However it has since emerged that Lanz submitted an application to Slough Borough Council in June this year to extend its current licence to allow it to handle “mixed municipal waste” and “street cleaning residues”, both far more potent than the types of waste it is currently allowed to process.

The application seeks to vary condition 6 of planning permission P/10697 dated 2 February 1999 that allowed only inert waste to be handled.

Currently Lanz is allowed to process construction and demolition waste, earth and spoils, hardcore and concrete.

The application represents a “regularisation” of the current operations which already see it handle a wider range of waste types than allowed including, at times, household waste and street cleaning residue.

The company says all handling of the new materials will be carried out inside a building with an impermeable surface and sealed drainage to prevent contamination of the adjacent Poyle Channel, but no change to the way it currently processes waste is proposed.

The 800 tonnes of household waste and 200 tonnes of street cleaning residues that it is seeking permission for would form part of its existing permit to handle 152,000 tonnes of commercial waste yearly.

“No Comment”

The Parish Council’s Services Commitee reviewed the application during its meeting on July 16th. Official minutes show that the Council chose to make “no comment” to the application.

£500 was volunteered by chair Peter Hood toward the cost of the ‘Colnbrook Games’ during the same meeting, but it was only last week that the Lanz donation was revealed.

Councillors were neither informed nor given a say on whether a donation should be accepted from a environmental polluter to subsidise the Colnbrook Games.

Lanz Group

Lanz Group

The company states that noise, odour and pollution associated with the additional waste types would all be within permissible levels.

However it concedes that noise readings taken even in 2003 found the sound levels at nearby Poyle New Cottages and Meadowbrook Close were 73dB.

And it accepts that a 99-day air quality monitoring exercise carried out by the Environment Agency between 10 October 2012 to 16 January 2013 found that for 3% of the monitoring period concentrations were within the ‘moderate’ Air Quality Index bands and for 1% in the ‘very high’ band – with concentrations highest on Wednesdays.

“The results showed that the measured levels of particulate were low when the location of the site is considered along with the proximity of industrial sources and the distance of the monitoring site to London Heathrow Airport.”

Despite this the Environment Agency concluded the application has “low environmental risk” and concentrations were likely to meet their respective Air Quality Strategy objectives.

Lanz’ application is not yet decided and is still open for consultation. Concerned residents should probably contact the Planning Department directly!

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