Parish Council contemplates Green Belt housing off Winchester Close

A new housing development on behind Winchester Close is the latest idea to be discussed by parish councillors in response to Slough’s Call for Sites.


Last month development on Mill Street was being discussed by councillors but now the possibility of building new homes on Green Belt in Poyle has been raised by parish councillors.

The Parish Council was requested by Slough Borough Council in January to consider possible sites in Colnbrook with Poyle that should be designated in the Local Plan and Cllrs Smith and Hood were tasked with producing a list.  The matter was discussed again at the last full meeting of councillors on 2nd February.

“Discussions took place on the viability of building houses on land behind Winchester Close, at this point Cllr Angell left the room during this discussion due to having an interest in this location”.

What they submitted to the Council has yet to be shared with residents but minutes noted that site in question is prone to flooding.

Cllr Hood reported at the same meeting that he had been in discussions with Paul Stimpson, Slough’s planning chief, in relation to the Local Plan being used towards a Neighbourhood Plan and that he had offered to “meet and work together” with Mr Stimpson on the Local Plan “if this can help achieve the Neighbourhood Plan”.

In September Cllr Elum-Smith was appointed to head up a working group for the Parish Council’s third attempt at developing a possible Neighbourhood Plan since the Localism Bill received Royal Assent in five years ago.  Cllr Hood’s offer to personally work on the Plan appears to have attracted little support:

“… following discussions it was suggested that members of the working party think about where the best place to start with the Neighbourhood Plan should be”.

Prior to today’s delay, the Colnbrook Community Association confirmed its intention to make a direct submission to Slough’s Call for Sites.  Following a consultation with its members it said it would be focusing on principles on which development in the parish should be allowed, as well as making specific suggestions.

Residents can still contribute …

Residents can still submit their own views on which sites in the area should be designated in the new Local Plan and are being encouraged to contributed their ideas directly to Slough Borough Council.

Whether or not you own a site yourself or just have a view on a preferred future use, Slough wants to hear from you regarding:

  • Suggestions for residential, employment, retail, open space or community use.
  • What sites could the town make better use of – whether by redevelopment, changing the use, or improving what is already there.
  • Which existing areas or buildings in Slough have features or characteristics you particularly value and you think should be protected or enhanced.

You can tell the Council about a site by emailing or writing to Planning Team (2FW), St Martin’s Place, 51 Bath Road, SL1 3UF.  You need to provide:

  • Your contact details
  • Where the site is and its current use
  • What you think it could be used for
  • Any other information about how it is or could be used

Alternatively the Council has set up an online form.

The revised deadline for submissions is Friday, 4th March.

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