Parish Council to hold Referendum on Johal’s “Buffer Zone” offer

Johal's Scrapyard, taken from the east

Johal's Scrapyard, taken from the east

As agreed at the village meeting on the 17th October to discuss the ongoing disturbance from Johal’s Scrapyard a “referendum” will be held to get residents’ views on the buffer zone offer.

Just prior to the last Planning Committee Meeting on 8th September, when the Application from Colnbrook Scrap Metals Ltd was recommended by officers for rejection, Cllr Rakesh Pabbi was approached with the eleventh hour offer.  Committee members, already broadly supportive of the application, were keen to defer a decision on the scrapyard until more details on the offer could be established.

The referendum will be held primarily to gauge the views of Vicarage Way, St. Thomas Walk, and Mill Street residents prior to establising the Parish Council’s policy on the issue.

Residents will be receiving voting cards with instructions during the weekend of 31 October/1 November and boxes will be placed at strategic locations around the village.  An online poll will also be available.  The referendum will be open from Monday 2nd November through till Friday 6th to ensure that results are available for the next Planning Committee Meeting on the 17th November, although it is unlikely the scrapyard will be on the agenda again until December or January.

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