Parish resigned to a Colnbrook runway, focusing on compensation

Cllr Hood said yesterday the prospect of a third runway so near the village came as no surprise, given his ‘recent meetings’ with Heathrow bosses.

Heathrow's revised North West runway

Heathrow’s revised North West runway

The parish chair made the statement in an interview with the Slough Express published yesterday.

It contrasts with statements made after the Davies shortlist was published, and will focus attention on why there has been no report to the community on those meetings or why the parish still hasn’t called a public meeting.  Cllr Hood was due to attend another meeting at Heathrow last night.

Playing down the impact of the expansion itself, Cllr Hood chose to focus on traffic.  He told the paper:

“I’m more concerned about the traffic issue. Planes are one thing but the amount of freight travelling along the roads will double if the third runway is built … This area will be blighted, overun by lorries and vans.”

Cllr Hood voiced his opposition to the alternative Heathrow Hub plans in December when he told The Guardian:

“If these plans go ahead there would be a runway on top of my house”.

But, appearing to accept the Colnbrook over the alternative Poyle runway as a fait accompli, he said simply that he felt those affected should be well compensated.

I hope they are talking about serious compensation



Cllr Hood’s house would be spared if Heathrow’s Colnbrook runway was selected over the alternative Poyle runway.  At last Tuesday’s Parish Council meeting he justified rushing through the exhibition of the airport’s proposals while dragging his feet on the Heathrow Hub’s alternative.

Heathrow told Colnbrook Views in February it had been asked by the Parish not to postpone its exhibition despite the Village Hall being used as an emergency drop-in centre.

While accepting that “the timing of the exhibition wasn’t ideal”, Cllr Hood said “it was felt only fair that Colnbrook should be given the opportunity to discuss what had already been posted to 140,000 homes”.

But there won’t be even a half-hearted opportunity to similarly scrutinise the rival Heathrow Hub’s plans yet – not for residents at any rate.

“I have been in contact with Heathrow Hub and whilst they do not feel ready to hold a full public exhibition of their proposal, they are willing to come and explain it to the Parish Council”.

The Parish posted details of Heathrow’s enhanced compensation proposal on its website yesterday following the airport’s revised submission to the Davies Commission.

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