Pippins Park “currently not as safe as it can be” warns Parish Council

The Parish Council has issued a warning to parents to remain vigilant following reports that Pippins Park is being used as a cut-through to the Colnbrook By-pass.

The Parish Council has issued a warning to users of Pippins Park.

The Parish Council has issued a warning to users of Pippins Park.

Colnbrook Parish Council has taken the unusual step of issuing a warning to parents of safety concerns around Pippins Park.

The Parish says it is working with Thames Valley Police and Slough Borough Council to resolve the issue of large groups of workers being dropped off at the park who subsequently cut through to by-pass through a broken fence.  It has warned parents of a risk that children may be knocked over “or even worst taken”.

The issue was raised by Pippins’ headteacher, Tracey Ball, but parents have say the problems have been going occurring for years.

Dear Residents and Followers

It was bought to our attention today by the Headteacher of Pippins Primary School that Pippins Park is currently not as safe as it can be.

It has been witnessed that unmarked vans have been dropping large groups of adults (mostly men) by the park, where they have been seen walking through the park, through the broken fence at the back of the park, across the land and onto the A4.

Please be vigilant and remind your children, if you do send them to the park on their own, to be wary of strangers, but to also remind them to stay in the park.

We know the Colnbrook By-pass is extremely busy and we would hate for any child to be knocked over by a vehicle or even worst taken.

The park is not a part of the Parish Council, but we have taken this information to SBC and TVP and are trying to work together to resolve this issue.

If you are aware or witness any of these issues please do not hesitate and contact TVP on 101 and then pass on information on to the Parish Council so that we can support and follow this up.

We will keep you updated of any feedback.

Thank you

The Parish Council has committed “to challenge any business that have colleagues using this area as a short cut” and provide more information to residents once it hears back from Slough Borough Council.

The warning was issued on Tuesday, via Facebook, but there have been no update yet on any action to be taken.  Residents are being asked to report any sightings to the Parish Council.

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