Pippins School to close tomorrow as Thames Water criticised for lack of communication over leak

Pippins School will be closed tomorrow, the school’s headteacher and Slough Borough Council have announced in the past hour.


If there’s something of a whiff in the air today for once you can’t blame the sludge farm at Lakeside, muck spreading, or, God forbid, pungent odours from the incinerator.  No, it’s more likely to be the residents themselves!

Yesterday’s mains water leak may have been fixed now but many residents still remain without water or with very low water pressure.

And with the great unwashed of Colnbrook venting their fury online at Thames Water, Pippins School is set to close tomorrow (Monday) for health and safety reasons.

Slough Borough Council tweeted just over an hour ago that the school will close, while headteacher Tracey Ball has passed a message via the Colnbrook Floods group on Facebook (no irony intended) to ask parents to spread the word to those who may not have had the opportunity to check emails.

pippins closed

She said:

“If the water does turn back on over night, then school will be open as normal; we will tweet, email and Slough Borough Council will keep their website up to date”.

Thames Water says the problem should be resolved by the end of the day.

Slough’s website carries no mention of the closure but you can stay up to date on the school situation by checking the Council’s Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/SloughCouncil or Pippins’ own at: https://twitter.com/pippinsschool.  Thames Water’s live faults link can be found at: http://www.thameswater.co.uk/thameswaterlive/index.htm.

Mrs Ball added:

It is not an easy decision to make, as I’m aware of the impact. Here’s hoping Thames Water will fix the problem soon!

Thames Water is referring residents to its website, which until a little while ago had not been updated since yesterday lunchtime.  An incident on Old Bath Road area is now reported as closed while the bigger issue in Drift Way suggests it will take time for pressure to be restored to affected areas.

thames water alert

There are also other mains leaks currently in the SL3 area, on Horton Road and the Slough side of London Road.

The incident has left much of the village without water for the past 24 hours.  Cllr Puja Bedi says Thames Water have advised here that residents will be compensated for the inconvenience in their next water bill.

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