Police carry out ‘stop and search’ on Colnbrook kids

Police have been carrying out ‘stop and searches’ on youngsters in the area in an effort to prevent attacks on lamp posts.

Colnbrook's lamp post louts were caught on camera

Colnbrook’s lamp post louts were caught on camera

PCSO Chris Davis gave the update during a “comprehensive” report on local policing to parish Councillors on Tuesday.

A number of catapults had been seized, and parents spoken to in an effort to get to grips with Colnbrook’s lamppost louts.

While no local figures or outlook has been shared with residents the parish was informed that the crime statistics revealed the lowest recorded crime in the Thames Valley for 25 years, as widely publicised last week.

PCSO Davis urged Councillors and members of the public to make use of their social media sites in the fight against crime. 5 places on a Facebook training course for Councillors were funded at the end of last year amid expectation Councillors will embrace the web soon.

​The Police have apparently made their views known to Slough Borough Council in support of a CCTV system for Colnbrook, which the parish is pushing hard for.  The new camera would be positioned outside The George with running costs estimated at £635.00 yearly.  It would give a monitored 24 hour surveillance if Slough Borough Council agree to fund it.

Police have also pushed for Speed Indicator Devices (SID) and for street lighting in Moreland Way to be restored following the spate of vandalism.

New Cllr Bryant referred to an incident where two young girls playing in their own driveway had been threatened by older boys, and the lack of subsequent police response to those allegedly responsible.



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