Police refund to go towards ‘green’ improvements in Poyle trading estate

Parish Councillors have voted to put part of refund from Thames Valley Police towards a “green” scheme to prevent lorry parking in Poyle.

opposite hilton

Thames Valley Police have refunded Colnbrook over £3,000 for failing to meet its neighbourhood policing obligations.

The news follows the admission from new inspector Zahid Aziz two weeks ago that Thames Valley faced difficulties in the staffing of the neighbourhood team and “the resultant loss of policing in Colnbrook and Poyle”.

The clerk told the Finance & Policy Committee on Tuesday that he had obtained a credit note to the sum of £3,144.58 from Thames Valley Police due to the absence of the dedicated PCSO. The parish funds two PCSOs at a cost of over £30,000 a year.

Councillors have been quick to earmark the saving for a scheme to improve the parking situation in Poyle industrial estate.

Chair Cllr Hood told colleagues he had been in negotiations with Slough Borough Council concerning lorry-parking on the slip road onto the Poyle Road opposite the Hilton Hotel.

The Council had costed a scheme to close one end and paint double yellow lines down both sides at a cost of £16,478.

But parish councillors have opted for a more expensive ‘green’ option also offered by Slough.  The Council said it would spend an additional £3,000 providing the Parish contribute £1,000 towards the cost.

The CCA, which has been lobbying hard for improvements to overcome HGV problems on Poyle Road, says that the green option will see the verges raised, grassed and trees planted. Bollards will be placed at strategic points to prevent vehicles parking, and eventually the remaining access road (for that is what it will become again), will be double yellow lined allowing free access to the new buildings.  Work is expected to start at the end of February, if not before, financed by SBC and the developer of the old Corus site.

The necessary order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 was made on 17th January 2014.

Part of a £20,500 S106 contribution agreed two weeks ago  as part of a new warehouse development down the road in Prescott Road will also go towards improvements.

DWP Associates were asked to pay for double-yellow lines to prevent footway parking and improve landscaping along its Poyle Road boundary to allow safer pedestrian access.

Parish councillors will be asked to ratify the grant decision again when they meet next as a full council.  They will also be asked to re-confirm a decision to fund 3 new seats which has nearly doubled in price to £3,161.


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